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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Online GK December 2012 Quiz: December 16

1. Norman Joseph Woodland, who died recently on 9th December 2012, was best known as one of the inventors of what?
[Category: Current GK]
[A]Coaxial cable
[B]FM radio

2. India's commercial capital, Mumbai, has been named among the world's 'dirtiest' cities, ranking last in the "cleanest streets" category, a global survey of 40 key tourist cities has found in a result announced on 14th Dec 2012. According to TripAdvisor's Cities Survey Mumbai ranked last in the list of "cleanest streets". Which city got the first rank in terms of cleanliness?
[Category: December 2012 GK]

3. What is the commonly known name of the mosque "Masjid-i Jahan-Numa" located in Delhi, India?
[Category: Exam GK]
[A]Moti Masjid
[B]Kila Kohna Masjid
[C]Fatehpuri Masjid
[D]Jama Masjid

4. Mount Saramati is which Indian state's highest mountain peak?
[Category: States GK]
[D]Himachal Pradesh

5. Who launches Sarod maestro Ustad Amjad Ali Khan's book "My Father, Our Fraternity: The Story of Hafiz Ali Khan And My World" on Friday, 14 Dec 2012?
[Category: Banking Questions GK]
[A]Pranab Mukherjee
[B]Amitabh Bachchan
[C]Sonia Gandhi
[D]Dilip Kumar