Friday, September 14, 2012

14 September 2012 - Daily Current Affairs Quiz

1. The Delhi high court on Thursday, 13th September, passed a ruling related to the election code in sports bodies. The ruling virtually prevents administrators who have been having uninterrupted stints in sports federations from seeking re-election. The sports guidelines code came into effect on January 1 last year and fixes 70 years as the age limit and 12 years (three successive terms) as the maximum tenure for chiefs of sports federations. What is the name of the sports guidelines code compiled by the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports?
[A]National Sports Federations Code
[B]Youth Affairs & Sports Development Code
[C]National Sports Development Code
[D]Indian Sports Development Code

2. On Thursday, 13th September 2012, who was appointed as the next Chief Justice of India and will succeed Chief Justice Sarosh Homi Kapadia and assume his new charge on September 29 as the country's 39th CJI?
[A]K. G. Balakrishnan
[B]Yogesh Kumar Sabharwal
[C]Ramesh Chandra Lahoti
[D]Altamas Kabir

3. Going by the rule that the functions of the Central Information Commission (CIC) and State Information Commissions was necessarily judicial in nature, the apex court held, “Chief Information Commissioner at the Centre or State level shall only be a person who is or has been a Chief Justice of the High Court or a Judge of the Supreme Court,” said a bench of Justices AK Patnaik and Swatanter Kumar. Such appointment shall be in consultation with the Chief Justice of India, it added. The new rule will end the tradition of retired bureaucrats gracing the statutory bodies constituted under which act?
[A]Freedom of Information Act 2002
[B]Official Secrets Act
[C]Right to Information Act 2005 (RTI)
[D]Indian Evidence Act

4. On September 13, 2012 Sony Entertainment Television’s action channel ‘Six’ has tied up with the world’s international martial arts organisation, UFC, for the live telecast of this popular sport in India. It will also telecast the greatest fights in the UFC’s 19-year history in the show UFC Unleashed. The UFC’s third international edition of The Ultimate Fighter will hit India in 2013. What is UFC?
[A]Ultimate Fighting Championship
[B]Ultimate Fighter Champions
[C]US Fighting Championship
[D]Unified Fighting Championship

5. The Government of India raised the price of heavily subsidised diesel on Thursday, 13th September 2012, to rein in its fiscal deficit and counter the threat of becoming the first of the big emerging economies to be downgraded to junk. The committee also decided to limit the number of subsidised cooking gas cylinders per household per year. The changes will be effective from Friday, 14th September 2012. What is the capping in the number of subsidized cooking gas cylinders per household per year?

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