Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Vocabulary tests for TOEFL, GMT, SAT, GRE and VOA Special English - Vocabulary Quiz - 174

1. Waif
[A]Middle Class
[B]Concise; Meaty
[D]Homeless Child Or Animal

2. Windfall
[B]Reparation; Indemnification
[C]Very Destructive
[D]Unexpected Lucky Event

3. Yeoman
[B]Man Owning Small Estate; Middle-Class Farmer
[C]Speed; Rapidity
[D]Flashy; Showy

4. Abridge
[A]Persuade; Bring About
[B]Having Human Form Or Characteristics
[C]Tax Levied By A Ruler; Mark Of Respect
[D]Condense Or Shorten

5. Accoutre
[A]Renounce; Give Up
[B]Top; Pinnacle
[C]To Equip
[D]Territory Enclosed Within An Alien Land

6. Adhere
[A]Speak Distinctly
[B]Stick Fast
[C]Family Name
[D]Excessively Exacting

7. Affected
[A]Silly; Senseless
[B]Appearance Of Truth; Likelihood
[C]Artificial; Pretended

8. Allocate
[A]Active Enmity; Hatred
[B]Not Biased; Fair

9. Amiss
[A]Aid; Assistance; Relief
[B]Wrong; Faulty
[C]Wordiness; Spreading In All Directions Like A Gas
[D]A Word Or Phrase Characteristically Used To Describe A Person Or Thing

10. Anesthetic
[A]Notoriously Bad
[B]Substance That Removes Sensation With Or Without Loss Of Consciousness
[D]Person Who Is Indifferent To Pleasure Or Pain

11. Antiseptic
[A]Front Of The Building
[B]Substance That Prevents Infection
[C]Gift For Finding Valuable Things Not Searched For

12. Appropriate
[A]Kindly; Favorable; Not Malignant
[B]Acquire; Take Possession Of For One'S Own Use
[C]Plowed But Not Sowed; Uncultivated

13. Atone
[A]Flowing Smoothly; Smooth
[B]Mental Disorder
[C]Flavored Dessert Ice
[D]Make Amends For; Pay For

14. Autonomous
[A]Impose (A Fine); Collect (A Payment)
[B]Blame; Censure
[D]Denying The Existence Of God

15. Balk
[A]Something That Relieves Pain
[D]Interpret Secret Code

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