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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Solved Practice Question Set on Computer Knowledge for IBPS PO - 23

1. Ethernet address is of _________ Bytes, normally written in hexadecimal notations.

2. A person who writes the program for running the hardware of a computer is called
[A]System analyst
[B]System designer
[C]Data processor

3. _________option is not located in the page set up dialogue box
[A]Header footer
[D]Page break preview

4. Wi Fi is the embedded technology of

5. Backspace key is used to delete characters to the ______of the cursor.

6. Protect document option in word is available on _____ menu

7. How many types of encoding forms are available in the Unicode?

8. Which of the following is called the time during which a job is processed by the computer?
[A]Real time
[B]Delay time
[C]Seek time
[D]Execution time

9. IBM 7030 belongs to _________generation computers

10. Which of the following protocols is used to locate the hardware address of a local device?

11. Which of the following data can’t be entered into a worksheet cell?

12. What is the full form of URL?
[A]Uniform Resource Location
[B]Uniform Resource Locater
[C]Uniform Reform Location
[D]Universal Resource Location

13. Compression and decompression of message data is performed by _____ layer of OSI model?

14. How many types of frames are available in HDCL protocol?

15. _______uses an embossed steel band to form the letters printed on the paper
[A]Laser printer
[B]Dot matrix printer
[C]Daisy wheel printer
[D]Band printer