Thursday, June 21, 2012

Medieval Indian history for Civil Services (History Quiz - 6)

1. The Mughal School of painting formed the spinal column of the various schools of Indian miniature art. Which one of the following painting styles was not affected by Mughal painting?

2. Who among the following were famous jurists of Medieval India?

3. According to Mimamsa system of Philosophy liberation is possible by the means of:

4. Bronze icons of Nataraja cast during the Chola period invariably show the deity with :
[A]Eight hands
[B]Six hands
[C]Four hands
[D]Two hands

5. Which one of the following monuments has a dome which is said to be one of the largest in the world?
[A]Tomb of Sher Shah, Sasaram
[B]Jama Masjid, Delhi
[C]Tomb of Ghiyas-ud-din Tughlaq, Delhi
[D]Gol Gumbaj, Bijapur

6. Ashtapradhan was the council of ministers:
[A]In the Gupta adminstration
[B]In the Chola administration
[C]In the Vijaynagara administration
[D]In the Maratha administration

7. Nastaliq was:
[A]A Persian script used in Medieval India
[B]A raga composed by Tansen
[C]A cess levied by Mughal rulers
[D]A manual of code of conduct for the Ulemas

8. The Sufi saint who maintained that devotional music was one way to come close to God:
[A]Muin Ud Din Chishti
[B]Baba Farid
[C]Saiyid Muhammad Gesudaraz
[D]Shah Alam Bukhari

9. Mughal painiting reached its Zenith under

10. In the Medival India Mansabdari System was mainly introduced for:
[A]Making recruitment to the Army
[B]Facilitate revenue collection
[C]Ensuring religious harmony
[D]Effecting clean administration

11. Which of the following pairs are correctly matched:
[A]Guru Amar Das- Miri and Piri
[B]Guru Arjun Dev- Adi Granth
[C]Guru Ram Das- Dal Khalsa
[D]Guru Gobind Singh- Manji

12. Prem Vatika poems on the Life of Lord Krishna was composed by:

13. After consolidating his power Balban assumed the Grand title of
[A]Tute- Hind
[B]Kaiser Hind
[C]Zil- I –Ilahi

14. The head of military department under the recognised central machinery of administration during Akbar’s Reign was:
[B]Mir Bakshi
[C]Mir Saaman

15. Directions: The following items consist of two statement One labelled the 'Assertion A' and the other as 'Reason R' You are to examine these two statements carefully and decid if the ' Assertion A' and the 'Reason R' are individually tru and if so, whether the 'Reason R' is the correct explanatin of the given' Assertion A'.
Assertion (A) : During the Reign of Shahjahan, Dara Shikoh was sent for expedition to Balkha, Badakshan and Qandahar
Reason (R): The expedition sent to Middle East during Shahjahan rule was a marvellous success
[A]Both A and R is true and R is the perfect explanation of A
[B]Both A and R is true but R is not the correct explanation of A
[C]A is true but R Is false
[D]A is false but R IS true

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