Thursday, June 21, 2012

Expand your English vocabulary (Vocabulary Quiz - 163)

1. Ornithologist
[A]Place Where A River Can Be Crossed On Foot
[B]Idle Person; Male Bee
[C]Like An Emperor; Related To An Empire
[D]Scientific Student Of Birds

2. Palpable
[B]Tangible; Easily Perceptible

3. Pariah
[A]Half-Stiffed Laugh
[B]Social Outcast
[D]Boisterous Merrymaking

4. Peccadillo
[A]Distinguishable; Perceivable
[C]Slight Offense

5. Peremptory
[B]A Mixture As Of Metals
[C]To Feed Plentifully
[D]Demanding And Leaving No Choice

6. Perusal
[A]Goodness; Moral Excellence; Good Quality
[C]Large Group
[D]Tax Of One-Tenth

7. Pinion
[D]Sour; Peevish

8. Plumb
[A]Put To Rout; Defeat; Disconcert
[B]Man Owning Small Estate; Middle-Class Farmer
[C]Checking Perpendicularly; Vertical
[D]Provide Written Evidence

9. Poultice
[A]Blinding; Rigid
[B]Soothing Application Applied To Sore And Inflamed Portions Of The Body
[C]Various; Several
[D]Small, Poor Bed

10. Prosody
[A]Pistol Case
[B]Slavishly Attentive; Servile; Sycophantic
[C]The Art Of Versification
[D]Suitable; Practical; Politic

11. Pseudonym
[A]Outward Decorations; Ornaments
[B]Father And Ruler Of A Family Or Tribe
[C]Tax Of One-Tenth

12. Purveyor
[A]Pay Out
[B]Showing Off Learning; Bookish
[D]Furnisher Of Foodstuffs; Caterer

13. Quintessence
[A]Adjacent To; Touching Upon
[B]Purest And Highest Embodiment
[C]Start; Initiate; Install At Office

14. Raspy
[A]Declare Openly
[B]Light; Heavenly; Fine
[C]Grating; Harsh

15. Recondite
[A]Urgent Situation
[B]Relating To Paradise; Blissful
[C]Abstruse; Profound; Secret

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