Saturday, June 2, 2012

GK IBPS with Special Reference to Banking Industry(GK Quiz - 171)

1. Which of the following functions are not being performed by RBI?
[A]Regulations of banks in India
[B]Regulation of Foreign direct investment in India
[C]Foreign currency management in India
[D]Control and supervision of money supply

2. A bank is called as ‘Scheduled Bank’ when________
[A]Its business has crossed Rs 1000 Cr mark
[B]Its branch network is over 100
[C]It is included in the second schedule of the RBI Act
[D]When it complies with all the three

3. Australian Govt recently decided to sell Uranium to India. Uranium is mainly used for-
[A]Manufacture of fertilizers
[B]Manufacturing of drugs
[C]Making arsenals
[D]Generation of nuclear power

4. What is the maximum amount that is eligible for earning interest in the normal savings account?
[A]1 lac
[B]2 lac
[C]5 lac
[D]No limit

5. When a customer opens a deposit account with the Bank. Which one of the following is the status of the Bank?

6. Which of the following Stock Exchanges in India recently launched ‘carbon index’ so that investors can assess risk and opportunities associated with climate change?
[A]Delhi Stock Exchange
[B]National Stock Exchange
[C]Bombay Stock Exchange
[D]Kolkata Stock Exchange

7. With a view to facilitate payment of balance in deposit account to the person named by the depositor without any hassles on the event of death of the account holder , the following facility was introduced in banks of our country

8. On the recommendation of which committee NABARD was formed?
[D]Vijay Kelkar

9. Reserve Bank of India was established on_____
[A]April 1 1925
[B]April 1 1935
[C]April 1 1945
[D]April 1 1955

10. Swabhiman the financial inclusion scheme comes under the purview of which ministry?
[A]Ministry of commerce
[B]Ministry of finance
[C]Ministry of home affairs
[D]Ministry of external affairs

11. The one rupee note bears the signature of ____
[A]RBI Governor
[B]Deputy Governor
[C]Finance Secretary
[D]Finance Minister

12. Which one among the following RBI not decides?
[C]Base Rate
[D]Bank Rate

13. What does T in RTGS stand for?

14. In banking IFSC code stands for_______
[A]International format System Code
[B]Indian Function System Code
[C]International Forex System Code
[D]Indian Financial System Code

15. If a customer does not get a satisfactory response to his grievance from the bank within _________days, he can approach the Banking Ombudsman