Sunday, June 3, 2012

GK for Bank Exams (PO and Clerical) Banking Industry Special (GK Quiz - 172)

1. Like mobile phone portability RBI/ Ministry of Finance is now considering to provide bank account portability to bank customers. Which of the following it would mean?
[A]Any account holder can withdraw cash from any other bank through her own cheque drawn on other bank even without ATM
[B]Any borrower can withdraw funds from his loan account from any other bank
[C]The account number of any account holder will remain the same even if he is getting his account transferred to any other bank
[D]Bank customers will have the facility of mobile banks to withdraw cash nearby his place

2. What is offshore banking?
[A]It is a bank located in sea
[B]It is bank located in SEZ
[C]It is bank located in a neighbouring country
[D]Offshore banking is basically dealing in foreign exchange

3. NRE deposit is________
[A]Non resident external deposit
[B]Non resident extended deposit
[C]Non resident exchange deposit
[D]Non resident extra deposit

4. Non convertible debenture are______________
[A]Debt instrument which acquire equity status at the insurer option
[B]Debt instrument which acquire equity status at the investor option
[C]Debt instrument which acquire equity status with the permission of the registrar of companies
[D]Debt instrument which retain their debt status and cannot acquire equity status

5. “IRDA norms will boast online distribution “was the news in some newspapers this means online distribution of which of the following will boast up?
[A]Bank products
[B]Insurance products
[C]License to open new branch/banks
[D]License to operate 2G/3G spectrum

6. To prevent fraud in multiple mortgage cases under SARFAESI ACT, 2002 one special thing has been made operative from 1.4.2011. which one is that from the following?
[A]Special Registrar office at Lucknow
[B]Central Electronic Registry
[C]Special Arbitration bureau at Lucknow
[D]State Electronic Registry

7. As per the financial inclusion drive one of the banks introduced Tiny cards with Biometrics identification. Which of the following is that bank?
[A]Central Bank of India
[B]Indian Bank
[C]State Bank of India
[D]Oriental bank of Commerce

8. Which of the following is not a negotiable instrument?
[B]Promissory note
[C]Bill of exchange
[D]All of the above are negotiable instrument

9. Which of the following organisation is mutual fund market regulator?

10. Which of the following statement is incorrect about RTGS SYSTEM?
[A]Transaction takes place in real time
[B]The system operates in DNS (Deferred Net Settlement) basis
[C]The minimum amount that can be remitted is Rs 2 Lac
[D]Service charge for RTGS varies from bank to bank

11. Banks have recently launched a service through which money can be transferred using mobile phones. This service is known as
[A]MMTF (Mobile Money Transfer Facility)
[B]MTMT (Mobile To Mobile Transfer)
[C]IMPS (Inter Bank Mobile Payment Service)
[D]IBMPS (Internet Banking Mobile payment Service)

12. Which among the following is at times mentioned as a Direct Debit Facility?

13. The discounting rates at which RBI borrows govt securities from commercial banks is known as
[A]Repo Rate
[B]Reverse Repo
[C]Deposit Rate
[D]Base Rate

14. Which among the following is an instrument of monetary policy used by the RBI?
[A]Base Rate

15. _________ is the organisation that maintains the borrower’s history in India

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