Tuesday, May 22, 2012

English Vocabulary for UPSC, IBPS, PCS and Exams (Vocabulary Quiz - 149)

1. Abolish
[A]Honor At A Festival
[B]Spiritual Rebirth
[C]Cancel; Put An End To
[D]Heavy Substance Used To Add Stability Or Weight

2. Acclaim
[A]Deputize; Pass To Others
[C]Opening In Chess In Which A Piece Is Sacrificed
[D]Applaud; Announce With Great Approval

3. Acute
[A]Mixed Up; Based On False Or Unfair Selection
[B]Blood Feud
[C]Flashy; Showy
[D]Quickly Perceptive; Keen; Brief And Severe

4. Advert
[C]Gaiety; Cheerfulness
[D]Refer To

5. Alias
[B]An Assumed Name
[C]Notoriously Bad

6. Ameliorate
[A]Understandable; Clear
[C]State Of Being Inappropriate
[D]Like An Uncle

7. Analogous
[C]Boat Or Yacht Race
[D]Weak; Ineffective

8. Anthropologist
[A]Express; Utter
[B]A Student Of The History And Science Of Mankind
[C]Serving As A Model; Outstanding
[D]Grant Condescendingly; Guarantee

9. Apotheosis
[A]Uncertain How To Act; Weak
[B]Deification; Glorification
[C]Kill, Usually One Out Of Ten
[D]Very Important

10. Archives
[A]Shine; Gloss
[B]Public Records; Place Where Public Records Are Kep

11. Aureole
[A]Speak Evil Of; Defame
[B]Monarch; Sovereign
[C]Without Money
[D]Sun'S Corona; Halo

12. Badger
[A]Dock; Landing Place
[B]Platform For Speech-Making; Pulpit
[C]Pester; Annoy
[D]Highest Point

13. Bassoon
[A]Cheerful Promptness
[B]Curse; Express Abhorrence For
[C]Reed Instrument Of The Woodwind Family
[D]Meeting Place

14. Beneficent
[A]Related To Monks
[B]A Mixture As Of Metals
[D]Kindly; Doing Good

15. Bilk
[A]Speechless; Producing Indistinct Speech
[B]Having Many Talents; Capable Of Working In Many Fields
[D]Swindle; Cheat

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