Sunday, April 15, 2012

Verbal Ability Practice Test for MBA Entrance(Vocabulary Quiz - 137)

1. Lucrative
[C]Means Of Support, Food, Nourishment
[D]Make Thin; Weaken

2. Maladroit
[A]Evasive; Baffling; Hard To Gasp
[B]Clumsy; Bungling
[C]Rosy; Optimistic
[D]Wise; Shrewd

3. Manumit
[A]Blinding; Rigid
[B]Emancipate; Free From Bondage
[D]Long Life

4. Megalomania
[A]Disparage; Depreciate
[B]Mania For Doing Grandiose Things
[C]Pride; Arrogance
[D]Motion; Desire

5. Mettle
[A]In A State Of Rage
[B]Courage; Spirit

6. Mischance
[A]Known Only To A Chosen Few
[B]Ill Luck
[C]Suitable To Debate Or Courts Of Law
[D]Cheerful; Hopeful

7. Molten
[A]Pleasantly Tart-Tasting; Stimulating
[B]Lack Of Caring; Indifference
[C]State Of Being Numerous

8. Mountebank
[A]Untimely; Poorly Chosen
[C]Downward Slope
[D]Charlatan; Boastful Pretender

9. Nascent
[A]Wretch; Villain
[B]Blame; Censure
[C]Incipient; Coming Into Being
[D]Tunnels In Which Rabbits Live; Crowded Conditions In Which People Live

10. Nomadic
[A]Having The Odor Of Stale Fat
[C]Slope; Inclined Plane

11. Objective
[B]Slanting; Deviating From The Perpendicular Or From A Straight Line
[C]Not Influenced By Emotions; Fair
[D]Quarrel; Obtain Through Arguing

12. Odorous
[A]Open Widely
[B]Capable Of Using Either Hand With Equal Ease
[C]Start; Initiate; Install At Office
[D]Having An Odor

13. Oratorio
[A]Combination (Of Two Business Corporations)
[B]Explain; Interpret
[C]Dramatic Poem Set To Music
[D]Mutually Destructive

14. Paleontology
[A]Refutation; Response With Contrary Evidence
[B]Study Of Prehistoric Life
[C]Stubborn Maintenance Of A Wrong Cause
[D]Familiar Friends

15. Paragon
[A]Disapproval; Condemnation
[B]Having To Do With Citizens Or The State; Courteous And Polite
[C]Respectful; Obedient
[D]Model Of Reflection

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