Friday, April 27, 2012

Business (Corporate) Quiz - 8

1. Eureka Forbes is part of which group of companies?
[A]Tata Group
[C]Shapoorji Pallonji Group
[D]Kanoria Group

2. Which is the most expensive domain name to be auctioned on the net till date?

3. Which company bought Macromedia for $ 4 Billion?

4. Corporated Incorporated' and 'Limited Unlimited' were names considered but not adopted. What was finally adopted?

5. Which online matrimony site was founded by J. Murugavel, who himself found his wife through the Internet?

6. The term "Big Blue" is associated to which company?

7. Which company introduced the concept of Six Sigma?

8. This guy is one of the largest shareholder of HP. He challenged HP - Compaq merger in court but he lost the case. Whom we are talking about?
[A]Walter Hewlett
[B]Bill Hewlett
[C]Bill Packard
[D]Larry Ellision

9. What was Accenture previously known as?
[B]Arthur Consulting
[D]Andersen Consulting

10. India has domain names ending with .in, similarly Switzerland has domain name ending with .ch . What does ch stands for?
[A]Confoederatio Helvetica
[B]Czech Helvetica
[C]Confoederatio Helvetii
[D]Czech Helvetti

11. Who invented E-mail?
[A]Sabeer Bhatia
[B]Roy Tomlinson
[C]J. C. R. Licklider
[D]Ivan Sutherland

12. Which famous software personality once admitted on the David Letterman show in the US that he modified his school time-table program so that all girls would be in his class at any given time?
[A]Larry Page
[B]Bill Gates
[C]Larry Ellision
[D]Dennis Ritchie

13. Which company developed "Bluetooth" technology?
[B]ST Microelectronics

14. This vodka brand ‘A’ is produced in a Swedish city, named Ahus. It has been sold to a French company which is also an owner of another famous alcoholic brand ‘B’ – Name A and B.
[A]Absolut and Seagram
[B]Absolut and Smirnoff
[C]Seagram and Smirnoff
[D]Vat69 and Seagram

15. Which Internet term originally meant "harmless, creative fun"?

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