Saturday, April 28, 2012

Software Testing Quiz - 3

1. The testing which is done by going through the code is known as,
[A]Unit Testing
[B]Blackbox testing
[C]White box Testing
[D]Regression testing

2. This type of testing method attempts to find incorrect or missing functions, errors in data structures or external database access, interface errors, Performance errors and initialization and Termination errors. It is called as
[A]White Box Testing
[B]Grey Box Testing
[C]Black Box Testing
[D]Open Box Testing

3. Phase Definition. It will come under
[A]CMM Level 1
[B]CMM Level 2
[D]Six Sigma

4. Software testing which is done without planning and Documentation is known as
[A]adHoc Testing
[B]Unit Testing
[C]Regression testing
[D]Functional testing.

5. Acceptance testing is known as
[A]Beta Testing
[B]Greybox testing
[C]Test Automation
[D]White box testing

6. Retesting the entire application after a change has been made called as?
[A]Full Regression Testing
[B]Unit Regression
[C]Regional Regression

7. Boundary value analysis belongs to which testing method?
[A]Black Box testing
[B]White Box testing
[C]Stress Testing
[D]None of the above

8. It measures the quality of a product. It is a specific part of the QA procedure, It is a corrective process, It applies for particular product & Deals with the product.
[C]Quality Assurance
[D]Quality Control

9. What are the Types of Integration Testing?
[A]Big Bang Testing
[B]Bottom Up Testing
[C]Top Down Testing
[D]All the above

10. A metric used to measure the characteristic of documentation and code called as
[A]Process metric
[B]Product Metric
[C]Test metrics
[D]None of the above

11. Which is non-functional software testing?
[A]Unit Testing
[B]Block box testing
[C]Performance Testing
[D]Regression testing

12. The process that deals with the technical and management issues of software development called as?
[A]Delivery Process
[B]Testing Process
[C]Software Process
[D]None of the above

13. Executing the same test case on a modified build called as
[A]Regression Testing
[C]Ad hoc Testing
[D]Sanity Testing

14. Which is Black-Box Testing method?
[A]Equivalence partitioning
[B]Code coverage
[C]Fault injection
[D]None of the above

15. Informing to the developer which bug to be fix first is called as
[C]Fix ability


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