Thursday, April 5, 2012

Online Vocabulary Improvement - Verbal Resources(Vocabulary Quiz - 132)

1. Voracious
[A]Suffering From Ingestion; Irritable
[B]Travel; Journey
[D]Stir To Anger; Cause Retaliation

2. Waylay
[A]Origin Or Source Of Something
[B]Most Favorable
[D]Ambush; Lie In Want

3. Witticism
[A]Worldly As Opposed To Spiritual
[B]Picture; Short Literary Sketch
[C]Question Severely
[D]Witty Saying; Facetious Remark

4. Abeyance
[B]Four-Footed Animal
[C]Suspended Action
[D]Suggested Or Implied Meaning Of An Expression

5. Abut
[A]Narrow-Mindedness; Isolation
[B]Mark From A Beating Or Whipping
[C]Scatter (Like Seeds)
[D]Border Upon; Adjoin

6. Acrid
[B]Susceptible To Wounds
[C]Sharp, Bitterly Pungent
[D]Prevent By Taking Action In Advance

7. Adverse
[A]Personal Property
[B]Disdainful; Sarcastic; Cynical
[C]Unfavorable; Hostile
[D]Charlatan; Boastful Pretender

8. Agitate
[A]Discourage; Cause To Lose Courage Or Hope
[B]Stir Up; Disturb

9. Ambiguous
[A]Easy; Expert
[B]Discharge; Give Forth
[C]Unclear Or Doubtful In Meaning
[D]Substance Formed By Decaying Vegetable Matter

10. Anachronism
[A]Boring; Tiring
[B]An Error Involving Time In A Story
[C]Items Of Business At A Meeting
[D]Person Belonging To The Same Period

11. Anomalous
[B]Drive Out Evil Spirits
[C]Abnormal; Irregular
[D]Doctrine; Dogma

12. Apostate
[B]Clumsy; Bungling
[D]One Who Abandons His Religious Faith Or Political Beliefs

13. Archaeology
[A]Correct A False Impression; Undeceive
[B]Lack Of Caring; Indifference
[C]Swindle; Cheat
[D]Study Of Artifacts And Relics Of Early Mankind

14. Audit
[A]Aid; Assistance; Relief
[B]Record Of Descent; Lineage
[C]Increase; Grow
[D]Examination Of Accounts

15. Avow
[A]Sullen; Stubborn
[C]Declare Openly
[D]Any Ulcerous Sore; Any Evil

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