Monday, April 16, 2012

Learning English Vocabulary Online Tests (Vocabulary Quiz - 138)

1. Pathos
[B]Tender Sorrow; Pity; Quality In Art Or Literature That Produces These Feelings
[C]Without Feeling; Not Affected By Pain

2. Pensive
[A]Monarch; Sovereign
[B]Dreamily Thoughtful; Thoughtful With A Hint Of Sadness
[C]Sickening; Insipid
[D]Similarity; Parallelism

3. Perspicuous
[A]Swagger; Assumed Air Of Defiance
[B]Plainly Expressed
[C]Command; Arrange; Consecrate
[D]Speak Foolishly; Boast Idly

4. Physiological
[A]Given Freely; Unwarranted
[B]Movable; Not Fixed
[C]Not Literal But Metaphorical; Using A Figure Of Speech
[D]Pertaining To The Science Of The Function Of Living Organisms

5. Plauditory
[A]Coarsely Insulting; Physically Harmful
[B]Failure To Do
[C]Approving; Applauding
[D]Frenzy; Great Excitement

6. Potable
[A]Heavy Substance Used To Add Stability Or Weight
[B]Greatness; Extent
[C]Suitable For Drinking
[D]Pertaining To Marriage

7. Precise
[A]Gradual Intrusion
[B]Tending Toward The Center
[D]Trip; Short Journey

8. Proxy
[B]Origin Or Source Of Something
[C]Authorized Agent
[D]Take Off

9. Pungent
[B]Quantity Of Motion Of A Moving Body; Impetus
[C]Stinging; Caustic
[D]Froth; Foam

10. Quell
[A]Easy To Approach; Obtainable
[B]Small Allowance Or Wage
[C]Put Down; Quiet
[D]Cancel; Put An End To

11. Rancid
[A]Show Clearly
[B]Not Biased; Fair
[C]Object To Be Thrown Or Projected
[D]Having The Odor Of Stale Fat

12. Recant
[A]Lover Of Mankind; Doer Of Good
[D]Repudiate; Withdraw Previous Statement

13. Refractory
[A]Stir Up; Instigate
[B]Stubborn; Unmanageable
[D]Laughable; Trifling

14. Reminiscence
[A]Cheat; Hoodwink; Swindle
[B]State Of Being Numerous
[D]Liquid Food Made By Boiling Oatmeal, Etc. In Milk Or Water

15. Reprisal
[A]Large City
[D]Fits Of Depression Or Gloom

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