Wednesday, April 11, 2012

English Speaking Vocabulary Enrichment (Vocabulary Quiz - 134)

1. Cull
[A]Stampede; Drive Out
[B]Pick Out; Reject
[D]Ruinous; Poisonous

2. Debacle
[A]Excessive Interest In One'S Self; Belief That One Should Be Interested In One'S Self Rather Than In Others
[B]Uncertain How To Act; Weak
[C]Records; History
[D]Breaking Up; Downfall

3. Default
[A]Move Faster
[B]Muscular Strength; Sturdiness
[C]Corruption; Wickedness
[D]Failure To Do

4. Delve
[A]Ruinous; Poisonous
[B]Dig; Investigate
[C]Confuse; Upset; Embarrass
[D]Tax Of One-Tenth

5. Depredation
[A]Intentional; Headstrong
[D]Pistol Case

6. Devolve
[A]Of The Same Kind
[B]Set Free
[C]Deputize; Pass To Others
[D]Unmoved; Lacking Concern

7. Dilute
[B]Make Less Concentrated; Reduce In Strength
[C]Cut Into Small Parts
[D]Murder Of A Mother By A Child

8. Discriminating
[B]Reject; Mock
[C]Person With An Insane Desire To Set Things On Fire
[D]Able To See Differences; Prejudiced

9. Dissection
[A]Regretful; Sorrowful; Dejected
[B]Put Under A Spell; Carry Away With Emotion
[C]One Who Feigns Illness To Escape Duty
[D]Analysis; Cutting Apart In Order To Examine

10. Divulge
[A]Loss Of Speech Due To Injury Or Illness
[B]Concerning Trade
[D]Large City

11. Dross
[A]Scold; Rant
[B]Glance Coquettishly At; Make Eyes At
[C]Waste Matter; Worthless Impurities
[D]Correction Of Errors; Improvement

12. Effectual
[A]Fixed And Unvarying Representation
[B]Tooth Protecting From A Wheel
[C]State Of Being Valuable Or Loved

13. Elusive
[A]Change Or Harden Into Bone
[B]Evasive; Baffling; Hard To Gasp
[D]Approve; Tolerate

14. Endearment
[A]Critical Comments; Severe And Adverse Criticism
[B]Fond Statement
[C]Sealed By Fusion So As To Be Airtight
[D]Bantering; Comical; Humorously Serious

15. Entree
[A]Critical Comments; Severe And Adverse Criticism
[B]Estimate Value Of
[C]Entrance; A Way In
[D]To Be Annoyed Or Vexed

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