Sunday, March 18, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 121(Translation - English to English)

1. Optometrist
[A]Drifting Wreckage
[D]One Who Fits Glasses To Remedy Visual Defects

2. Pacifist
[A]Cheat; Hoodwink; Swindle
[B]Comment; Make Explanatory Notes
[C]One Opposed To Force; Antimilitarist
[D]Deserter; Apostate

3. Paradigm
[A]Written Statement Made Under Oath
[C]Model; Example; Pattern
[D]Sleight Of Hand

4. Parvenu
[A]Abusive; Scolding
[B]Outer Boundary
[C]Carelessly; Unintentionally
[D]Upstart; Newly Rich Person

5. Pendant
[A]Mental Keenness
[B]Animal Or Plant Living On Another; Toady; Sycophant
[C]Strikingly Bright; Shining With Intense Heat
[D]Hanging Down From Something

6. Permeate
[B]Bring Upon Oneself
[C]Exalted; Noble; Uplifting
[D]Pass Through; Spread

7. Philology
[A]Make Impossible; Eliminate
[B]Teaching; Art Of Education
[C]Study Of Language

8. Plagiarism
[A]Comparison Of One Thing With Another, Using The Word "Like" Or "As"
[B]Standstill; Stalemate
[C]Theft Of Another'S Ideas Or Writing Passed Off As Original
[D]Small Chamber Used For Sleeping

9. Portent
[A]Shack; Small, Wretched House
[C]Sign; Omen; Forewarning
[D]Fit Or Attack Of Pain, Laughter, Rage

10. Precipitate
[A]Unsuited; Absurd; Incompetent
[B]Sticky; Viscous
[D]Headlong; Rash

11. Provident
[A]Impressive; Majestic
[B]Binding; Required
[C]Displaying Foresight; Thrifty; Preparing For Emergencies
[D]Rude; Cross

12. Punctilious
[A]Sullen; Stubborn
[B]Laying Stress On Niceties Of Conduct, Form; Precise
[C]Dry Food; Fodder
[D]Those Of Gentle Birth; Refinement

13. Qualified
[A]Complete; Necessary For Completeness
[B]Limited; Restricted
[C]Like An Uncle
[D]Limits; Independent Variable

14. Ramp
[A]Touchy, Peevish
[B]Lessening; Reduction In Size
[C]Slope; Inclined Plane
[D]Weakness; Slight Fault

15. Realm
[B]Lower; Humiliate
[C]Kingdom; Sphere
[D]Person Of Prominence Or Influence

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