Sunday, March 18, 2012

GK Quiz for Entrance Exams (General Knowledge Quiz - 125)

1. Satyagraha finds expression in—
[A]Sudden outbursts of violence
[B]Armed conflicts
[D]Communal riots

2. The authority to prorogue the two Houses of the Parliament rests with the—
[C]Prime Minister

3. EEG is used to detect the functioning of—

4. Locked jaw disorder is the other name of the disease—
[B]Muscular disorder

5. Excretory products of mammalian Embryo are eliminated out by—
[B]Amniotic fluid

6. In male sharks, Claspers are found attached to
[A]Anal fin
[B]Pectoral fin
[C]Pelvic fin
[D]Ventral fin

7. What part of the eye gets inflamed and becomes pink when dust gets into?

8. Which of the following aspects is not common to both Bhakti Movement and Sufi Movement?
[A]Personal love for God
[B]Worship of idols
[D]Visit to holy shrines

9. The Muslim League advocated a separate Muslim State—
[A]At its birth in 1906
[B]During the Khilafat Movement
[C]In 1930, when it opposed Disobedience Movement
[D]At the Lahore session of 1940

10. Ranthambhor was—
[A]A Mughal palace
[B]A Rajput fort
[C]Capital of the Khaljis
[D]A Buddhist pilgrimage centre

11. The long range potential of nuclear energy in India depends on its reserves of—

12. Investment is equal to—
[A]Gross total of all types of physical capital assets
[B]Gross total of all capital assets minus wear and tear
[C]Stock of plants, machines and equipments
[D]None of the above

13. When did the Rupee become a freely convertible currency on current account, in India?

14. In a business, raw materials, components, work in progress and finished goods are jointly regarded as—
[A]Capital stock
[D]Net worth

15. The difference between the GNP and the NNP is equal to the—
[A]Consumer expenditure on durable goods
[B]Direct tax revenue
[C]Indirect tax revenue
[D]Capital depreciation

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