Friday, March 9, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 116 (English Learn)

1. Arbiter
[C]A Person With Power To Decide A Dispute; Judge
[D]Pertinent; Bearing Upon The Case At Hand

2. Atypical
[A]Worthless Products Of An Endeavor
[C]Union; Coalition
[D]Not Normal

3. Aversion
[A]Worthless Products Of An Endeavor
[B]Firm Dislike
[C]Fatigued; Surfeited

4. Baneful
[C]Ruinous; Poisonous
[D]Plead; Ask Earnestly

5. Behoove
[A]Rubbing Away; Tending To Grind Down
[B]Substance That Removes Sensation With Or Without Loss Of Consciousness
[C]Be Suited To, Be Incumbent Upon
[D]Invention; Imaginary Thing

6. Besmirch
[A]Study Of Fish
[B]Yielding; Timid
[C]Large Sailing Ship
[D]Soil; Defile

7. Bludgeon
[B]Gruesome; Grisly
[C]Person With An Insane Desire To Set Things On Fire
[D]Club; Heavy-Headed Weapon

8. Brittle
[A]Shrink Back, As If In Fear
[B]Felt In One'S Inner Organs
[C]Movable; Not Fixed
[D]Easy Broken; Difficult

9. Calligraphy
[B]Beautiful Writing; Excellent Penmanship
[C]Fair; Impartial
[D]Malicious Misrepresentation; Slander

10. Carcinogenic
[B]Causing Cancer
[C]Green Crust On Old Bronze Works; Tone Slowly By Varnished Painting

11. Catholic
[A]Lounge About
[B]Broadly Sympathetic; Liberal
[D]Pushed Forward

12. Chafe
[B]Anger At An Injustice
[C]Mass For The Dead; Dirge
[D]Warm By Rubbing; Make Sore By Rubbing

13. Chimerical
[A]Premonition Of Evil
[B]Sickening; Insipid
[C]Unutterable; Cannot Be Expressed In Speech
[D]Fantastic; Highly Imaginative

14. Clemency
[A]Omission Of Words From A Text
[B]Disposition To Be Lenient; Mildness, As Of The Weather
[C]Resulting In Unexpected And Contrary Manner
[D]Idle Person; Male Bee

15. Colander
[A]Enigmatic; Mysterious
[B]Utensil With Perforated Bottom Used For Straining
[C]Wise; Shrewd

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