Monday, February 13, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 99

1. Plethora
[A]Thousand-Year Period
[B]Excess; Overabundance
[C]Brutal Deed
[D]Angelic; Innocent Looking

2. Portend
[A]Front Of The Building
[B]Final; Compete
[C]Foretell; Presage
[D]Excessively Careful

3. Practical
[B]Based On Experience; Useful
[C]Of Trifling Significance

4. Preamble
[A]Questionable Medicine
[B]Seemingly Plausible But Fallacious Reasoning
[C]Sound In Judgment; Wise
[D]Introductory Statement

5. Precocious
[A]Change Or Harden Into Bone
[B]Tangible; Easily Perceptible
[C]Advanced In Development
[D]Festive; Gay; Characterized By Joviality

6. Propound
[A]Hothead; Troublemaker
[B]Join Together; Unite
[C]Put Forth For Analysis
[D]Something That Is Continuing Or Recent

7. Proselytize
[C]Convert To A Religion Or Belief

8. Provender
[A]Belief In One God
[B]Sober; Sedate
[C]Mutual; Exchangeable; Interacting
[D]Dry Food; Fodder

9. Provoke
[A]Harsh And Shrill
[B]Problem; Choice Of Two Unsatisfactory Alternatives
[C]Resentment; Anger; Sense Of Injury Or Insult
[D]Stir To Anger; Cause Retaliation

10. Psychopathic
[A]Dramatic Poem Set To Music
[B]Pertaining To Mental Derangement
[C]Darken; Extinguish; Surpass
[D]Casual; Hastily Done

11. Pugnacious
[A]Question Severely
[B]Unselfishly Generous, Concerned For Others
[C]Combative; Disposed To Fight
[D]Stubborn; Intractable

12. Pummel
[A]Essential; Pertaining To The Substance

13. Purport
[A]Commotion; Riot; Noise
[B]Intention; Meaning
[C]Separate; Part
[D]Examination Of A Dead Body; Post-Mortem

14. Putrid
[B]Burn With Hot Iron Or Caustic
[D]Foul; Rotten; Decayed

15. Quandary
[A]Statement That Looks False But Is Actually Correct
[B]Marked With Parallel Bands; Grooved
[C]Study Of Fish

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