Monday, February 13, 2012

General Knowledge Quiz - 100

1. Who presides over a meeting of the Lok Sabha?
[C]Prime Minister

2. World Environment Day is observed on
[A]8 January
[B]5 June
[C]5 November
[D]1 May

3. Which one of the following is not a Fundamental Right guaranteed by our constitution?
[A]Right Against Exploitation
[B]Right To Speak
[C]Right To Equality
[D]Right To Property

4. Kuki tribes inhabit which of the following states?
[B]Arunachal Pradesh
[C]Tamil Nadu

5. Who wrote the book the Origin of Species?
[A]Charles Dickens
[B]Charles Darwin
[C]Charles Wald
[D]None Of These

6. The first Earth Summit was held at
[D]Buenos Aires

7. Kuchipudi dance originated in
[C]Andhra Pradesh

8. Who discovered the Law of Gravitation?
[A]Isaac Newton

9. The Temples of Khajuraho were built by

10. CRISIL Rating AAA indicates
[A]High Safety Of A Long-Term Debt
[B]Highest Safety Of Medium-Term Debt
[C]Highest Safety Of Short-Term Debt
[D]Highest Safety Of Long-Term Debt

11. Which of the following items would not appear in a company’s balance sheet?
[A]Total Issued Capital
[B]Cash Held At The Bank
[C]Value Of Raw Material Stock
[D]Revenue From Sales

12. How many National Waterways are there in India?

13. OTIS is a brand name of
[C]Lifts And Elevators
[D]Chemicals And Paints

14. Ferozabad in UP is famous for its
[A]Leather Industry
[B]Glass Industry
[C]Rubber Industry
[D]Cotton Industry

15. The minimum number of directors in a private limited company is

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