Sunday, February 5, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 93

1. Intermittent
[A]Without Exceptions; Unqualified; Absolute
[C]Attainment Of Highest Point
[D]Periodic; On And Off

2. Intrinsically
[B]Essentially; Inherently; Naturally
[C]To Put Into Words
[D]Allied By Blood; Of The Same Or Kindred Nature

3. Inundate
[A]Firm Grasp Or Footing
[B]Corrosive; Sarcastic
[D]Overflow; Flood

4. Invincible
[A]Inclination; Bias
[B]Something New; Newness
[C]Teaching; Instructional

5. Irascible
[A]Slightly Sour; Sharp, Caustic
[B]Irritable; Easily Angered
[D]Make Whole; Combine; Make Into One Unit

6. Irony
[A]Delay; Object
[B]Matchless; Not Able To Be Imitated
[C]Hidden Sarcasm Or Satire; Use Of Words That Convey A Meaning Opposite To The Literal Meaning

7. Isotope
[A]Person Wearing Tattered Clothes
[B]Varying Form Of An Element
[C]Swamp Gas; Odor Of Decaying Matter

8. Jaundiced
[A]Lower; Humiliate
[C]Yellowed; Prejudiced; Envious

9. Jostle
[A]Incomplete; Biased; Having A Liking For Something
[B]Shove; Bump
[C]Stir Up; Disturb
[D]Flatter Of Favors

10. Juncture
[A]Whimsical; Visionary
[B]Crisis; Joining Point
[C]Bind As A Servant Or Apprentice To Master
[D]Explain; Interpret

11. Kaleidoscope
[A]Moment Of Calm
[B]Art Of Effective Communication; Insincere Language
[C]Small, Poor Bed
[D]Tube In Which Patterns Made By The Reflection In Mirrors Of Colored Pieces Of Glass, Etc. Produce Interesting Symmetrical Effects

12. Knell
[A]Tending To Improve; Beneficial; Wholesome
[B]Tolling Of A Bell At A Funeral; Sound Of The Funeral Bell
[C]Enclose; Surround
[D]Skeptical Or Distrustful Of Human Motives

13. Lackadaisical
[A]Soft Tissue Filling The Bones
[B]Versatile; Able To Take Many Shapes
[C]Affectedly Languid
[D]Refutation; Response With Contrary Evidence

14. Languish
[A]Unclear Or Doubtful In Meaning
[B]Lose Animation; Lose Strength
[C]Weaken; Mitigate
[D]Toning Down; Changing From One Key To Another

15. Lascivious
[A]Gloomy; Depressing
[C]Controlling Force
[D]Giving Off An Odor

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