Sunday, February 5, 2012

General Knowledge Quiz - 94

1. All of the following noble gases are present in the atmosphere, except

2. Which among the following is not a feature of a developing economy?
[A]high rate of population growth
[B]high rate of capital formation
[C]high rate of unemployment
[D]widespread poverty

3. Who was the Chairman of the first official Language Commission constituted by the President in 1955?
[A]KM Munshi
[B]BG Kher
[C]MC Chhagla
[D]Humayun Kabir

4. Which of the following cities are situated on the banks of the river ‘Tigris’?

5. What is the difference between Indian Standard Time and Greenwich Mean Time?
[A]6: 30 hours
[B]6 hours
[C]5: 30 hours
[D]5 hours

6. What type of soil is typical of tropical regions which receive heavy rainfall?
[A]black or regur
[D]none of these

7. The term stagflation is used to describe
[A]inflation with growth
[B]inflation with recession
[C]deflation with growth
[D]deflation with recession

8. Pick the odd one out from the following:

9. When demand is inelastic, an increase in the price of a commodity would cause the total expenditure of the consumers to
[C]first increase and then decrease
[D]none of these

10. Good will is a
[A]washing asset
[B]intangible asset
[C]fictitious asset
[D]current asset

11. When customs duty is levied according to the value of goods, it is called
[A]revenue duty
[B]excise duty
[C]specific duty
[D]ad valorem duty

12. Elasticity of demand indicates
[A]change in quantity demanded
[B]rate of change in quantity demanded
[C]change in income
[D]change in prices

13. Sundarlal Bahuguna is associated with which of the following?
[A]Chipko Movement
[B]Literacy mission
[C]Bhoodan movement
[D]Leprosy eradication

14. The soil best suited for cotton cultivation is
[A]red soil
[B]laterite soil
[C]black soil
[D]desert soil

15. The term hydroponics is used to refer to
[A]sound propagation under water
[B]cultivation of plants in water
[C]a water-borne disease
[D]under-water electronic devices

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