Saturday, February 4, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 92

1. Incompatible
[A]Weighty; Unwieldy
[B]Light-Hearted; Dizzy
[C]Matchless; Not Able To Be Imitated

2. Incriminate
[C]Crafty; Double-Dealing
[D]Insightful; Aware; Wise

3. Indefatigable
[B]Separated; Alienated

4. Indiscriminate
[A]Tolling Of A Bell At A Funeral; Sound Of The Funeral Bell
[C]Tranquil; Steady; Uniform
[D]Choosing At Random; Confused

5. Indubitably
[A]Carelessly; Unintentionally
[B]Instead Of
[C]Beyond A Doubt
[D]Ill Luck

6. Ineffable
[A]Plead; Ask Earnestly
[B]Stingy; Excessively Frugal
[C]Shrivel; Decay
[D]Unutterable; Cannot Be Expressed In Speech

7. Infantile
[A]Omission Of Words From A Text
[B]Conclusion Drawn From Data
[D]Childish; Infantile

8. Infidel
[A]Fit For Plowing
[C]Not Influenced By Emotions; Fair
[D]Give An Imitation That Ridicules

9. Ingenious
[A]To Annoy By Repeated Attacks
[C]Settle Accounts; Clear Up
[D]Naïve; Young; Unsophisticated

10. Inimical
[A]Downward Slope
[B]Face; Appearance
[C]Unfriendly; Hostile
[D]Rhythmic Rise And Fall (Of Words And Sounds); Beat

11. Inkling
[A]Condition Of Being Crammed Full; Glutted State; Repletion
[D]The Intelligent And Educated Classes [Often Used Derogatory]

12. Insensible
[A]Reading Desk
[B]Unconscious; Unreasonable
[C]Swagger; Assumed Air Of Defiance
[D]Dig Out Of The Ground; Remove From A Grave

13. Insolvent
[A]Related To Marriage
[B]Bankrupt; Lacking Money To Pay
[C]Suffering From Ingestion; Irritable
[D]Charge With Crime In Office; Indict

14. Integrate
[B]Make Whole; Combine; Make Into One Unit
[C]Offensive Or Insulting Treatment
[D]Practical Rule Guiding Conduct

15. Interdict
[A]Engrossed In Matters Of This Earth; Not Spiritual
[B]Worn Out Of Age
[C]At The Point Of Death
[D]Prohibit; Forbid

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