Monday, February 27, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 108 (Vocabulary Improvement)

1. Bristling
[B]Rising Like Bristles; Showing Irritation
[C]Burning; Sarcastically Biting
[D]Guarantee; Assurance By Seller

2. Caliber
[B]Method Or System Of Government
[C]Ability; Capacity
[D]Concise; Abrupt; Pithy

3. Caption
[B]Severe Disapproval
[C]Title; Chapter Heading; Text Under Illustration
[D]Intermarriage Between Races

4. Catechism
[A]Agreeable; Lovable
[B]Extremely Demanding
[C]Done At Night
[D]Book Of Religious Instruction; Instruction By Question And Answer

5. Ceremonious
[A]Noble; Aristocratic
[B]Marked By Formality
[C]Languor; Weariness
[D]Secret; Mysterious

6. Chide
[A]Delay; Dawdle
[C]Hint; Imply

7. Cleft
[A]Shed Or Cast Off Hair Of Feathers
[B]Study Of Artifacts And Relics Of Early Mankind
[D]Resentment; Anger; Sense Of Injury Or Insult

8. Cognomen
[A]Lying On Back
[B]Irritation; Resentment
[C]Family Name
[D]Enclose; Place In Something

9. Constituent
[A]Procession; Parade
[C]Parti-Colored; Mixed
[D]Government By A Few

10. Controvert
[A]Living As The Same Time As; Contemporary
[B]Violation Of A Thrust
[C]Oppose With Arguments; Contradict
[D]Rearing Up On Hind Legs; Unrestrained

11. Countermand
[A]Tact; Poise; Sophistication
[B]Cancel; Revoke
[C]Biting; Sarcastic; Stinging
[D]Stone Coffin, Often Highly Decorated

12. Crotchety
[A]Charlatan; Impostor
[C]Eccentric; Whimsical

13. Daub
[B]Banish To The Country; Dwell In The Country
[C]Medley; Miscellany
[D]Smear (As With Paint)

14. Decoy
[B]Limits; Independent Variable
[C]Last Stop Of Railroad
[D]Lure Or Bail

15. Delete
[A]Final; Not Susceptible To Further Analysis
[C]Gold And Silver In The Form Of Bars
[D]Erase; Strike Out

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