Monday, February 20, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 103 (SAT Vocab)

1. Solvent
[A]Suitable To Debate Or Courts Of Law
[B]Entreating; Beseeching
[C]Able To Pay All Debts
[D]Correct; Correct By A Critic

2. Sophist
[A]Frugality; Thrift; Agriculture
[C]Teacher Of Philosophy; Quibbler; Employer Of Fallacious Reasoning
[D]Slightly Sour; Sharp, Caustic

3. Spate
[B]Sudden Flood Or Strong Outburst; A Large Number Or Amount
[C]Fertility; Fruitfulness
[D]Pertaining To The Science Of The Function Of Living Organisms

4. Spectral
[A]Not Able To Be Corrected Or Repaired
[B]Monumental Tomb
[C]Excessive Interest In One'S Self; Belief That One Should Be Interested In One'S Self Rather Than In Others

5. Spontaneity
[A]Variegated; Multicolored
[B]Harshness; Plainness
[C]Lack Of Premeditation; Naturalness; Freedom From Constraint
[D]Someone Who Eats Too Much

6. Staccato
[A]Unrestrained; Excessive
[B]Weaken; Mitigate
[C]Pacify; Conciliate
[D]Played In An Abrupt Manner; Marked By Abrupt Sharp Sound

7. Stamina
[A]Art Of Dancing
[B]Give Up Temporarily; Yield
[C]Harsh And Shrill
[D]Strength; Staying Power

8. Stem From
[A]Open Widely
[B]Soul; Mind
[D]Arise From

9. Stilted
[A]Amendment Or Clause Added To A Legislative Bill
[B]Narrate Or Tell; Count Over Again
[C]Change Or Harden Into Bone
[D]Bombastic; Inflated

10. Stoke
[A]Framework And Working Parts Of An Automobile
[B]Readily Managed; Willing To Be Led
[D]To Feed Plentifully

11. Stultify
[A]Concerning Trade
[B]Having The Odor Of Stale Fat
[D]Cause To Appear Foolish Or Inconsistent

12. Suavity
[A]Plump; Vigorous; Jolly
[C]Urbanity; Polish
[D]Limit; Confine

13. Subside
[A]Harass; Trouble
[B]Settle Down; Descend; Grow Quiet
[C]Vain About Dress And Appearance
[D]Greedy; Eager For

14. Substantive
[A]Of Lowly Origin; Unworthy
[B]Government Of A Community By Religious Leaders
[C]Ineffective; Fruitless
[D]Essential; Pertaining To The Substance

15. Succor
[A]Having An Evil Influence; Virulent
[D]Aid; Assistance; Relief

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