Monday, February 20, 2012

General Knowledge Quiz - 106 (GK for Bank PO)

1. Which of the following represents the name of the India’s first indigenously built submarine?
[A]INS Shakti
[B]INS Delhi
[C]INS Savitri
[D]INS Vibhuti

2. Narora Atomic Power station is in
[A]Uttar Pradesh
[C]Madhya Pradesh
[D]Tamil Nadu

3. The earth’s axis is inclined to the ___ to the plane of its orbit.

4. Equinoxes are the dates when the sun shines directly over the
[A]Tropic of Cancer
[B]Tropic of Capricorn
[D]None of these

5. The second most abundant gas in the atmosphere after nitrogen is
[B]carbon dioxide

6. Which of the following is NOT matched properly? Mountain Range Continent
[A]Himalayan Karakoram Asia
[B]Alps Europe
[C]Andes South America
[D]Rockies Asia

7. What is the capital of Tanzania?

8. ‘AFP’, is the news agency of
[D]None of these

9. Which of the following represents the year in which Alexander invaded India?
[A]323 BC
[B]324 BC
[C]326 BC
[D]328 BC

10. In which of the following years did United Nations (UN) come into existence?

11. Khyber Pass is in

12. The first Secretary-General of the United Nations was
[A]U. Thant
[B]Trygve Lie
[C]Boutros-Boutros Ghali
[D]Javier Perez de Cuellar

13. Southern Railway is headquartered at

14. First ministerial meeting of World Trade Organization took place at
[B]New York

15. The first Chief Election Commissioner of India was
[A]S. L. Shakadhar
[B]Sukumar Sen
[C]H. J. Kania
[D]P. C. Sen

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