Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 100

1. Queasy
[A]Lying On Back
[C]Easily Nauseated; Squeamish
[D]A Student Of The History And Science Of Mankind

2. Quiescent
[B]Mold Or Die
[C]Legal Delay Of Payment
[D]At Rest; Dormant

3. Ragamuffin
[B]Person Wearing Tattered Clothes
[C]Compulsion; Repression Of Feelings
[D]Last Demand; Warning

4. Ramification
[A]Quality Of Being Deeply Moving; Keenness Of Emotion
[B]Those Of Gentle Birth; Refinement
[C]Branching Out; Subdivision

5. Rapacious
[A]Model Of Reflection
[B]One Who Has More Than One Spouse At A Time
[C]Excessively Gasping; Plundering
[D]Consider; Ponder

6. Ratiocination
[B]Tunnels In Which Rabbits Live; Crowded Conditions In Which People Live
[C]Mildness; Permissiveness
[D]Reasoning; Act Of Drawing Conclusions From Premises

7. Ravenous
[A]To Present As Evidence
[B]Extremely Hungry
[C]Small Excessive Group
[D]Not Literal But Metaphorical; Using A Figure Of Speech

8. Receptive
[A]Intention; Meaning
[B]Quick Or Willing To Receive Ideas, Suggestions, Etc.
[C]Mechanism That Imitates Actions Of Humans

9. Reciprocate
[A]Roundness; Sonorousness Of Speech
[B]Repay In Kind
[C]Approve; Ratify
[D]Needlessly Repetitious

10. Rectitude
[B]Needlessly Repetitious
[D]Warm And Damp

11. Redoubtable
[A]Pertinent; Bearing Upon The Case At Hand
[B]Furthest Behind
[C]Gold And Silver In The Form Of Bars
[D]Formidable; Causing Fear

12. Refraction
[B]Bending Of A Ray Of Light
[C]Pardon(An Offense)

13. Regime
[A]Occurring Again And Again
[B]Method Or System Of Government
[D]Build; Lie

14. Rejuvenate
[A]Poor Verse
[C]Make Young Again
[D]Motionless; Stale; Dull

15. Remonstrate
[A]Humbleness Of Spirit
[C]Bundle Of Stalks Of Grain; Any Bundle Of Things Tied Together

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