Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Management Quiz - 27

1. Which of the following does not apply to Just-In-Time (JIT) system?
[A]Suppliers need to be located in close proximity
[B]Organization must have ISO 9001 certification
[C]Reliable transportation facilities should be available
[D]Suppliers need to be capable of providing high quality materials

2. If a manager develops a new idea and gives a plan for development of a new product in his work atmosphere, and explains how various roles are to be played by different people in the organization, then he is carrying out which of the following roles?
[D]Disturbance handler

3. Whenever a senior official says “it is our company’s policy that we deliver customers’ packages at door step and the goods transportation is free” in an advertisement, the senior official action is that of acting as member of
[A]Middle management
[B]Top management
[C]First line management
[D]Audit management

4. In order to understand the role of management, in the late 1960s, Henry Mintzberg devised a newapproach – the managerial roles approach –by observing what managers actually do. A branch manager of manufacturing company, representing his company in local board of commerce, is acting in which of the managerial roles laid down by Mintzberg?
[B]Figure head
[D]Resource Allocator

5. In the past three to four decades, many management theorists and writers have made remarkablecontribution in the study of management. By studying the various approaches to management analysis, we can understand the concept of management and have a better understanding of managerial functions. Which approach to management emphasizes managing people by understanding their individual psychological needs?
[A]Empirical Approach
[B]Decision Theory Approach
[C]Management Science Approach
[D]Interpersonal Behaviour Approach

6. When managers engage in production planning and control, they determine what activities have tobe done, the order in which they are to be done, who is to do each, and when they are to be completed. This is done by using which of the following techniques?
[A]MIS system
[B]ABC system
[C]Gantt chart
[D]EOQ model

7. Henri Fayol, a French industrialist and a mining engineer, was one of the major contributors to the classical approach of management. As per the classical ideas of management thought, Fayol stressed the need of
[A]Technical activities
[B]Commercial activities
[C]Financial activities
[D]Managerial activities

8. When five different workers each do one specific job preparing a Big Mac at McDonald's, they areengaging in
[A]Work specialization
[B]Chain of command
[C]Span of control

9. Businesses operating globally have different orientations, depending on their management philosophies. Which of the following orientations is an approach to international management whereby executives assume those practices that work in the headquarters?

10. Which of the following are the characteristics of the planning process usually adopted in JapaneseManagement style?
I. Long-term orientation.
II. Individual decision-making.
III. Decisions flowing from bottom to top and back.
IV. Decisions initiated at the top, flowing down.
V. Slow decision-making.
[A](I) and (II) above
[B](I) and (III) above
[C](II) and IV) above
[D](I), (III) and (V) above

11. Globalization has become the buzzword in today's corporate world. A large number of firms isexpanding their businesses globally to stay ahead of the cut-throat competition. Therefore it becomes necessary that managers manage their global businesses effectively. Successful global management requires
[A]Rigid application of home-country practices
[B]Biasness towards home-country managers
[C]Recruitment of people mainly from the home country
[D]Enhanced sensitivity to differences in national customs and practices

12. There are different orientations toward international business. One such orientation is geocentricorientation. The view associated with this type of orientation can be said to be

13. There are different information systems that serve the needs of different organization members atdifferent organizational levels. Which of the following information systems has low-volume data and analytical models as data inputs?
[A]Management Information System
[B]Decision Support System
[C]Executive Support System
[D]Transaction Processing System

14. Information is one of the important resources for managers. For information to be useful tomanagers, it must possess certain attributes. The information attribute which tells whether the information pertains to the situation at hand or not, is known as
[A]Information Accuracy
[B]Information Timeliness
[C]Information Relevance
[D]Information Completeness

15. Management Information System (MIS) helps the manager to discharge his/her managerialfunctions in a more efficient manner. The first necessary step to effectively operate an MIS is
[A]Summarizing data
[B]Analyzing data
[C]Determining information needs
[D]Gathering appropriate information

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