Sunday, January 22, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 85

1. Devoid
[A]Weighty; Unwieldy
[B]Stampede; Drive Out
[C]Immaterial; Without A Material Body

2. Dichotomy
[A]Goal; Aim
[B]Branching Into Two Parts
[C]Quick Or Willing To Receive Ideas, Suggestions, Etc.
[D]Minor Fight

3. Digression
[A]Loiter; Waste Time
[B]Having Human Form Or Characteristics
[D]Wandering Away From The Subject

4. Dilettante
[B]Tilt; Lean Over
[C]Agreeable; Gracious; Engaging
[D]Aimless Follower Of The Arts; Amateur; Dabbler

5. Disarray
[A]Incomplete; Biased; Having A Liking For Something
[B]Disorderly Or Untidy State
[C]Shrill, Trumpetlike Sound
[D]Fern Leaf; Palm Or Banana Leaf

6. Discerning
[A]Subordinate; Secondary
[B]Fragrant; Odorous; Suggestive Of An Odor
[C]Authoritative And Weighty Statement
[D]Mentally Quick And Observant; Having Insight

7. Discrepancy
[A]Stingy; Parsimonious
[B]Commonplace; Dull
[C]Lack Of Consistency; Difference
[D]Scold Strongly

8. Disdain
[A]Predicament From Which There Is No Escape
[B]Treat With Scorn Or Contempt
[C]Bitterness; Hatred
[D]Related To Dogs; Dog-Like

9. Disinclination
[A]Pushed Forward
[C]Driving Away; Unattractive
[D]Derived By Reasoning

10. Disparity
[A]Word For Word
[B]Public Records; Place Where Public Records Are Kep
[C]Group That Meets Socially; Select Circle
[D]Difference; Condition Of Inequality

11. Dispirited
[B]Person Who Has A Convulsive Desire To Steal
[C]Lacking In Spirit
[D]Whimsical; Visionary

12. Dissolute
[A]Narrow-Minded Person, Uncultured And Exclusively Interested In Material Gain
[B]Harmony; Agreement
[C]Statement That Looks False But Is Actually Correct
[D]Loose In Morals

13. Distill
[A]Refutation; Response With Contrary Evidence
[B]Crafty; Double-Dealing
[C]Extract The Essence; Purify; Refine
[D]Mar In Beauty; Spoil

14. Diva
[A]Menial Kitchen Worker
[B]Make Young Again
[C]Operatic Singer; Prima Donna

15. Docket
[A]American Marsh Tortoise
[B]Irreverence; Wickedness
[C]Program As For Trial; Book Where Such Entries Are Made
[D]Charmingly Carefree; Simple

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