Sunday, January 22, 2012

General Knowledge Quiz - 83

1. Who was the composer of the classical composition ‘Moonlight Sonata’?
[A] Ludwig Van Beethoven
[B] Joseph Haydn
[C] Johann Bach
[D] Handel

2. Which of the following airlines became the first Indian based airlines to operate flight to China?
[A] Indian
[B] Air India
[C] Kingfisher
[D] Jet Airways

3. Which of the following is not a principal organ of the UNO?
[A] General Assembly
[B] Trusteeship council
[C] Security Council
[D] World Health Organization

4. Under which five year plan did agriculture show a negative growth?
[A] 1st plan
[B] 2nd plan
[C] 3rd plan
[D] 4th plan

5. Which of the following is the abbreviated name of an autonomous organisation under the Ministry of Rural Development?

6. Indian Broadcasting Service was renamed in 1936 as:
[A] Akashwani
[B] Nabhowani
[C] Doorwani
[D] All India Radio

7. Which person or organisation received the Nobel Prize three times so far?
[A] Medame Curie
[B] Linus Pauling
[C] Alexender Flemming
[D] International Committee of the Redcross

8. The Indian company that manufactures automobiles for Mitsubishi is:
[A] Tata Motors
[B] Bajaj Tempo
[C] Mahindra
[D] Hindustan Motors

9. To recover the national loss suffered by small investors in the IPO allotment scam from the National Securities Depository Services Ltd & Central Depository Services Ltd. and eight depository participants, a second interim order was passed by
[D] Supreme Court

10. The Suzuki Corporation has launched its first scooter for the Indian market. What is the name of the scooter?
[A] Access 125
[B] Marut 125
[C] Excellent X
[D] Pawan 125

11. The state with the lowest population in India is
[A] Goa
[B] Tripura
[C] Mizoram
[D] Sikkim

12. With which brand of shoes would you associate: Godzilla Independence Day and Brave heart?
[A] Woodland
[B] Reebok
[C] Lee Cooper
[D] Nike

13. Koneru Humpy plays
[A] Badminton
[B] Cricket
[C] Chess
[D] Weight Lifting

14. What is India’s rank in milk production in the world?

15. World literacy day is celebrated on
[A] 8th September
[B] 8th March
[C] 19th Nov
[D] 1st June

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