Thursday, January 12, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 75

1. Tarantula
[A]Extremely Aggressive And Militant Patriotism
[B]Venomous Spider
[C]Oblige Or Help Someone; Adjust Or Bring Into Harmony, Adapt
[D]Extremely Poisonous

2. Temerity
[A]Open Up
[B]Boldness; Rashness
[D]Flowing, Running

3. Temporize
[A]Concise; Meaty
[B]Not Thick; Thinly Scattered; Scanty
[C]Avoid Committing Oneself; Gain Time
[D]Footman; Toady

4. Tensile
[A]Set Free
[B]Radiating, Departing From The Center
[C]Capable Of Being Stretched
[D]Grow Forth; Send Out Buds

5. Terrestrial
[A]Clamorous; Noisy
[B]Severe Disapproval
[C]Broadly Sympathetic; Liberal
[D]On The Earth

6. Testy
[A]Unintelligible; Muddled; Illogical
[B]Absence Of Governing Body, State Of Disorder
[C]Irritable; Short-Tempered
[D]Flowing, Running

7. Thrifty
[A]Break Up Ground After Plowing; Torture
[C]Prohibit; Restrain
[D]Careful About Money; Economical

8. Tipple
[A]Reasoning; Act Of Drawing Conclusions From Premises
[B]Drink (Alcoholic Beverages) Frequently
[C]Withholding Belief; Skeptical
[D]Acquire; Take Possession Of For One'S Own Use

9. Topography
[A]Wrestle; Come To Grips With
[B]Physical Features Of A Region
[C]Harm Someone'S Reputation; Malign
[D]Discharge; Give Forth

10. Tortuous
[A]Familiar With
[B]Winding; Full Of Curves
[D]Cutting; Sharp

11. Transcribe
[A]Cover With A Thin And Shiny Surface
[C]Cut To Pieces With Ax Or Sword
[D]Producing Motion

12. Translucent
[A]Sharp-Cornered; Stuff In Manner
[B]Female Warrior
[C]Rickety; Falling Apart
[D]Partly Transparent

13. Traumatic
[A]Menacing; Threatening
[C]Pertaining To An Injury Caused By Violence
[D]Slope; Inclined Plane

14. Tribulation
[A]Eating Both Plant And Animal Food; Devouring Everything
[B]Distress; Suffering
[C]Destruction Of Life
[D]Amount Produced; Crop; Income On Investment

15. Trite
[B]An Injury To Body
[D]Hackneyed; Commonplace

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