Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 73

1. Sheaf
[A]Tending To Improve; Beneficial; Wholesome
[B]State Of Being Valuable Or Loved
[C]Easily Deceived
[D]Bundle Of Stalks Of Grain; Any Bundle Of Things Tied Together

2. Shrew
[A]Pay Attention To; Consider
[B]Condition, State (Especially A Bad State Or Condition); Predicament
[C]Scolding Woman
[D]Short, Simple Story Teaching A Moral

3. Sinewy
[A]Insurmountable; Invincible
[B]Tough; Strong And Firm
[C]Denial; Disclaiming

4. Skeptic
[A]Comparison Of One Thing With Another, Using The Word "Like" Or "As"
[B]Resemblance To Remote Ancestors Rather Than To Parents; Deformity Returning After Passage Of Two Or More Generations
[C]Doubter; Person Who Suspends Judgment Until He Has Examined The Evidence Supporting A Point Of View
[D]Having To Do With Citizens Or The State; Courteous And Polite

5. Skullduggery
[A]Highly Ornate
[B]Dishonest Behavior
[C]Mental Or Bodily Powers; Teaching Staff
[D]Lash; Whip; Severe Punishment

6. Slough
[A]Cause To Become Sick; Fill With Disgust
[B]Cast Off
[C]Sternness; Severity; Lack Of Luxuries
[D]Sour; Peevish

7. Solecism
[A]Vibrate Pendulumlike; Weaver
[B]Bugbear; Object Of Baseless Terror
[C]Construction That Is Flagrantly Incorrect Grammatically
[D]Speed Of Music

8. Solstice
[A]Difficult To Please; Squeamish
[C]Person Of Prominence Or Influence
[D]Point At Which The Sun Is Farthest From The Equator

9. Sonorous
[A]Dejected; Dispirited
[B]Not Essential; Minor
[D]Fleeting; Quickly Passing Away; Staying For A Short Time

10. Spasmodic
[A]Motion; Desire
[B]Binding; Required
[C]Sullen; Stubborn
[D]Fitful; Periodic

11. Specious
[A]Plunge Into Water; Drench; Extinguish
[B]Seemingly Reasonable But Incorrect
[C]Enormously Large Or Extensive
[D]Amends; Compensation

12. Spry
[A]Shrew, Scolding, Brawling Woman
[C]Vigorously Active; Nimble
[D]Very Generous

13. Squander
[A]Reddish; Healthy-Looking
[C]Rickety; Falling Apart
[D]Unresisting; Patiently Submissive

14. Stalwart
[A]Great Waterfall; Eye Abnormality
[B]Layer Of Earth'S Surface; Layer Of Society
[C]Strong; Brawny; Steadfast
[D]Legal Delay Of Payment

15. Stern
[A]Unexpected Lucky Event
[B]Wretched; Lacking Pride
[C]Check The Flow
[D]Churlish, Miserly Individual

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