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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 68

1. Obsolete
[C]Take Off
[D]Pertaining To The Aurora Borealis

2. Obtuse
[A]Settle Accounts; Clear Up
[B]Relating To The Highest Point
[C]Spasmodic; Intermittent
[D]Blunt; Stupid

3. Odious
[A]Fretful; Whining
[B]Superintendent; Manager
[D]Self-Control; Formal But Distant Manner

4. Onomatopoeia
[A]Marked With Parallel Bands; Grooved
[B]Regretful; Sorrowful; Dejected
[C]Tease; Torture With Disappointment
[D]Words Formed In Imitation Of Natural Sounds

5. Optimist
[A]Connoisseur Of Food And Drink
[B]Vague; Hazy; Cloudy
[C]Person Who Looks On The Good Side
[D]Foul; Rotten; Decayed

6. Opus
[C]Seemingly Reasonable But Incorrect
[D]Mental Disorder Marked By Confusion

7. Orient
[A]Secret Recess Or Vault, Usually Used For Burial
[B]Cautious; Careful
[C]Get One'S Bearings; Adjust
[D]Framework And Working Parts Of An Automobile

8. Ostensible
[A]Repugnance; Dislike
[C]Apparent; Professed; Pretended
[D]Measure Of Temperature Used Widely In Europe

9. Overweening
[A]Hater Of Women
[B]Suffering From Ingestion; Irritable
[C]Presumptuous; Arrogant
[D]Force Keeps Parts Together

10. Pall
[A]Extended Scolding; Denunciation
[B]Glowing Ardor
[C]Grow Tiresome
[D]Misleading Vision

11. Palpitate
[A]Prevailing Style
[B]Remainder; Balance
[C]Throb; Flutter

12. Pandemonium
[A]Friendly; Aiming To Please
[B]Testify; Bear Witness
[C]Wild Tumult
[D]Point Directly Overhead In The Sky; Summit

13. Parallelism
[A]Humoring; Yielding; Lenient
[B]State Of Being Parallel; Similarity
[C]Petty Details
[D]Curative; Corrective

14. Paraphrase
[A]Gross; Shocking
[B]Restate A Passage In One'S Own Words While Retaining The Thought Of The Author
[C]Cause To Be Set Aside; Replace
[D]Not Repentant

15. Parsimonious
[A]To Direct Speech To; Deal With Or Discuss
[C]Stingy; Excessively Frugal
[D]Bring Up; Feed; Educate

16. Passé
[A]Defame; Destroy Confidence In; Disbelieve
[B]Old-Fashioned; Past The Prime
[C]Tender Sorrow; Pity; Quality In Art Or Literature That Produces These Feelings
[D]Translation; Artistic Interpretation Of A Song

17. Pathetic
[A]Emit (Odor)
[B]Having Many Languages
[C]Causing Sadness, Compassion, Pity; Touching

18. Pedagogue
[A]Roll In; Indulge In; Become Helpless
[C]Occurring Irregularly
[D]Teacher; Dull And Formal Teacher

19. Pediatrician
[A]Blindly Devoted Patriot
[C]Slope; Inclined Plane
[D]Expert In Children'S Diseases

20. Penurious
[B]Stingy; Parsimonious
[C]Begin; Originate; Receive Into A Group
[D]Tendency To Disbelief