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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Business Communications Quiz - 14

1. The “elements” of a report refer to those components that are usually included in a formal business report. Which of the following is the name of the element that introduces the purpose and content of the report to the principal reader?
[A]Title page and title fly
[C]Letter of transmittal
[D]Executive summary

2. Which of the following is not included in a letter of transmittal?
[A]A statement of the title
[B]An acknowledgment of any assistance received in preparing the material
[C]A diagram showing the progress of the report
[D]A statement of the principal results, conclusions and recommendations

3. The body of a speech to inform can be organized in any pattern except
[A]Spatial pattern
[B]Causal pattern
[C]Topical pattern
[D]Motivated pattern

4. Which of the following will not help you customize your message to suit the needs of your audience?
[A]Identifying the primary audience
[B]Emphasizing the ideas that are most important to you
[C]Gauging the audience’s level of understanding
[D]Estimating the audience’s probable reaction

5. The most general statement of the speech is called “core statement” and the least general statements are called
[A]Main points
[B]Sub points
[C]Trivial points
[D]Extra points

6. Selection of the right medium plays a very important role in a successful presentation. It is advisable to use handouts
[A]When addressing a small group of people
[B]When you want your audience to be attentive to your speech
[C]When you want your audience to visualize and become involved
[D]When you want to keep your audience in touch with the subject and main ideas of presentation

7. When responding to a customer’s complaint, which of the following generally pays?
[A]Refer the customer to a third party for satisfaction
[B]Adopt a stern tone
[C]Adopt an uncompromising tone
[D]Assume that the customer’s account of the transaction is an honest statement of what happened

8. Audience analysis enables you to establish a _______ with your listeners.

9. ______ is not an attention getting device for an unsolicited sales letter.
[A]An old adage
[B]A provocative question
[C]A bargain
[D]A challenge

10. The _______________ delivery is often referred as the “middle course”.

11. ________ resumes are scanned for input into a database

12. What do informational reports such as monitor/control reports focus on?

13. How can you best prepare for the question-and-answer session that follows the presentation?
[A]You can give your audience a list of questions they may ask
[B]You can think about potential questions and answers as part of the preparation for the presentation
[C]There is no practical way of preparing for the question-and-answer session
[D]You can memorize answers to some potential questions

14. What activities are involved in effective listening?
[A]Looking at the speaker and physically hearing a message
[B]Physically receiving a message
[C]Physically receiving a message, interpreting, remembering, evaluating, and responding
[D]Physically receiving a message and interpreting it

15. What is crucial to convince your audience that the decision that produced the bad news is fair and logical?
[B]A buffer
[C]A positive and friendly closing
[D]Well-presented reasons