Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 67

1. Misanthrope
[A]Chew The Cud; Ponder
[B]Cater To The Low Desires Of Others
[C]One Who Hates Mankind
[D]Powerful Person

2. Misconstrue
[A]Pertaining To Marriage Or The Matrimonial State
[B]Belief That Life Is Basically Bad And Evil; Gloominess
[C]Below The Threshold
[D]Interpret Incorrectly; Misjudge

3. Mishap
[B]Rude; Clownish
[C]Flimsy; Unsubstantial

4. Mode
[A]Legal Delay Of Payment
[B]Impartial; Not Supporting One Side Over Another
[C]Speed Of Music
[D]Prevailing Style

5. Molecule
[B]Pertaining To The Moon
[C]The Smallest Part Of A Homogeneous Substance In Chemistry
[D]Move Furtively And Secretly

6. Monotheism
[A]Sleeping; Lethargic; Torpid
[B]Dark; Dusky
[C]Very Generous
[D]Belief In One God

7. Moot
[A]Very Cautious
[B]Entrance; A Way In
[C]Move Troops So That The Battle Line Is Extended At The Expense Of Depth

8. Moribund
[A]Utensil With Perforated Bottom Used For Straining
[B]At The Point Of Death
[C]Deceptive Scheme

9. Muggy
[C]Support; Prop Up
[D]Warm And Damp

10. Multiplicity
[A]Deceit; Duplicity
[C]Huge; Enormous
[D]State Of Being Numerous

11. Mutilate
[A]Harass; Trouble
[C]Mental Disorder
[D]Angelic; Innocent Looking

12. Naiveté
[A]Corruption; Turning From Right To Wrong
[B]Quality Of Being Unsophisticated
[C]Pertaining To Marriage
[D]Provide Written Evidence

13. Nautical
[A]Stimulate By Shock; Stir Up
[B]Pertaining To Ships Or Navigation
[C]Prevailing Style

14. Nepotism
[A]Harsh And Shrill
[B]Favoritism (To A Relative)
[C]Call By Bugles Or Trumpets
[D]Living As The Same Time As; Contemporary

15. Nib
[A]Occupy Fully
[B]Mental Keenness
[C]Extremely Small
[D]Beak; Pen Point

16. Nominal
[A]Pompous; Bombastic; Using High-Sounded Language
[B]Commit An Offense
[C]Arrangement Of Parts So That Balance Is Obtained; Congruity
[D]In Name Only; Trifling

17. Nostalgia
[B]Platform For Speech-Making; Pulpit
[C]Homesickness; Longing For The Past

18. Noxious
[C]Pass Into Or Through; Penetrate (An Organization) Sneakily
[D]Hater Of Women

19. Obelisk
[B]Tall Column Tapering And Ending A Pyramid
[D]Analysis; Cutting Apart In Order To Examine

20. Objective
[A]Triangular Part Above Columns In Greek Buildings
[B]Mentally Unsound Person Suffering From Delusions
[C]Goal; Aim
[D]Those Of Gentle Birth; Refinement

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