Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Project Management Quiz - 62

1. What items should be considered when selecting a supplier?
[B]Product quality
[D]All of above

2. Project integration involves:
[A]Efficient use of network schedules
[B]Effective coordination and control
[C]Making the responsibility matrix
[D]Meetings of all the stakeholders

3. The Project Management Plan is owned by the:
[C]Project manager
[D]A and C

4. A project is a:
[A]Repetitive process
[B]Unique and temporary endeavour
[C]Has a definite beginning and end
[D]B and C

5. A sequence of phases through which the project evolves is known as:
[A]The Project Life Cycle
[B]Project Gates
[C]Milestone charts
[D]Project Management Plan

6. The Project Management Plan establishes the:
[A]Why, what, how, and when of the project
[B]What, how, how much and when of the project
[C]Why, what, how, how much and when of the project
[D]Why, what, how and how much of the project

7. A good project manger does not have to be a good:
[D]Risk manager

8. Which of the following is necessary for a project manager?
[A]The responsibility, authority and accountability for the project
[B]The responsibility and accountability for the project
[C]The responsibility through line management for the project
[D]The responsibility through the client-sponsor for the project

9. The Business case should include:
[A]Criteria to judge whether the project is a success or failure
[B]Why the project is required
[C]The major project risks
[D]All of the above

10. _____________defines why the project is required and what the project will do:
[A]Project Management Plan
[B]Project Charter
[C]Marketing & Sales
[D]Business Case

11. Project life cycle phases are used to:
[A]Avoid the need for a project manager
[B]Lessen the conflict in project teams
[C]Ensure that resources are not wasted
[D]Better define the Business case

12. Which of the following is not true about analogous estimating technique?
[A]Estimate is based on past projects.
[B]It is not very accurate.
[C]It uses bottom-up approach
[D]It is a form of an expert judgment

13. An “S” curve:
[A]Shows cumulative values
[B]Describes allocation of resources
[C]An output of cost estimating
[D]Shows interrelationships between projects

14. A Work Breakdown Structure:
[A]Is a key tool used in project management
[B]Forms the basis for planning the project, networks and bar chart
[C]Criteria used for calculating Earned Value is determined from the WBS
[D]All of the above

15. The project is likely to be delayed if:
[A]There are too many changes
[B]If proper planning is carried out in the beginning
[C]There is a no shortage of cash
[D]There are no quality assurance functions

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