Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Project Management Quiz - 61

1. What is not true of standard deviation?
[A]A larger standard deviation means the spread of uncertainty is greater
[B]A smaller standard deviation means the spread of uncertainty is smaller
[C]Standard deviation of an activity is calculated using the formula (Pessimistic - Optimistic) / 6
[D]PERT is used for estimating costs and time duration

2. As a project is being closed out, a common source of conflict arises in:
[A]Determining the best use of the time of design personnel
[B]Different interpretations between buyer and contractor as to whether the terms and conditions have been met
[C]Determining whether the cost-plus-actual fee (CPAF) or cost-plus-incentive fee (CPIF) contract structure is most appropriate
[D]Identifying the primary causes of monthly variances on the project

3. Lessons learned is an important part of project management. These are documented by the project team in order to:
[A]Assess each team members competence
[B]Know who to blame for errors
[C]Use them to improve future projects
[D]Review the project’s cost and schedule

4. Project A has a probability of scope change of .70, and a .20 probability that the project will be terminated. What is the probability the project will have scope changes and will not be terminated?

5. Your project is an important one for the company and it was a feather in your cap to be selected as the project manager. Unfortunately, the project is not progressing as well as planned and it will be reviewed in the next board meeting. Which of the following is not a common format for performance reporting and should not be used by you for management reporting?
[A]Bar charts
[D]Precedence diagrams

6. Written change orders are recommended:
[A]For all size of projects
[B]For small projects only
[C]For large projects only
[D]For those projects where CEO is personally interested

7. Project Management is most suitable for:
[A]Optimizing repetitive operations
[B]Introduction of new control procedures
[C]Introducing change
[D]B and C

8. Project phasing is done to:
[A]Overlap project work
[B]For better access of project by team members
[C]Break down the project into more manageable blocks
[D]Break down the project finances

9. Project management should be applied:
[A]Throughout the project life cycle
[B]During Concept definition
[C]During Execution and Operations
[D]During Execution, Operations and Maintenance

10. The Business Case is owned by the
[A]Project manager
[B]Finance manager

11. A WBS is used to:
[A]Define the project's schedule
[B]To identify the project's stakeholders
[C]To organize and define the total scope of the project
[D]To define key parts of the project

12. Decomposition of project deliverables involves:
[A]Identifying the elements of the deliverable
[B]Identifying major elements of the project
[C]Verify the decomposition is correct
[D]All of above

13. The project manager has least level of direct authority in a ........... organization:
[A]Weak matrix
[D]Strong matrix

14. Environmental constraints should be considered:
[A]For manufacturing projects
[B]For construction projects
[C]For all projects
[D]Only for social and political projects

15. The critical path is the:
[A]Shortest path in the network
[B]Longest path in the network
[C]Path in which some activities contain floats
[D]Path which has the maximum float

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