Thursday, January 19, 2012

IT Quiz - 4

1. Which of the following memories/storage devices has the fastest access speed?
[C]Cache Memory
[D]Hard Disk

2. Which of the following is not an advantage of a flowchart?
[A]As a flowchart is a pictorial representation of a program, it is easier for a programmer to explain the logic of a program to another programmer or to his superior through a flowchart, rather than the program itself
[B]A macro flowchart that charts the mainline of the logic of a software system becomes a system model that can be broken down into detailed parts for study and further analysis of the system
[C]A flowchart acts as a roadmap for the programmers
[D]There are specific standards for determining the amount of detail that should be included in a flowchart

3. Which of the following Internet services runs on the background of the user's computer, letting him/her know when his friends or coworkers (only those who are registered) are online?
[A]File Transfer Protocol
[B]Internet Telephony
[C]Internet Fax
[D]Internet Paging

4. Which of the following is not correct regarding decision-making statements in C programming language?
[A]A condition is expressed using C’s relational operators
[B]The relational operators compare two values to see whether they are equal to each other, not equal or whether one is greater than the other
[C]The keyword ‘if’ tells the compiler that it is a decision control instruction
[D]The ‘else’ statement will be executed if the condition specified is true

5. Which of the following security measures use human body parts such as retina or fingerprint to identify a unique individual?
[A]Input Controls
[B]Processing Controls
[C]Output Controls
[D]Biometric Controls

6. The departmental head wants to have a report that lists all those items where actual expenditures exceeded budget targets by at least 10 percent. This is an example of
[A]External Report
[B]Exception Report
[C]Summary Report
[D]Periodic Scheduled Report

7. Which of the following (in communication network context) refers to the way in which the end points or stations of a network are linked together?
[A]Data flow machine
[C]Multi computer

8. The translation program that translates the entire source code into an object code and creates an object file, all in a single go, is called

9. Which of the following statements is not true about a Decision Support System (DSS)?
[A]It involves an iterative analytical modeling process
[B]It makes use of specialized databases
[C]It is a computer based information system and does not take into account the decision makers’ own insights and judgements
[D]It helps managers to explore possible alternatives

10. Which of the following is not correct regarding Central Office Exchange (Centrex)?
[A]It is like a Private Branch Exchange (PBX)
[B]The only difference between a PBX system and a Centrex is that the switching equipment is located in one of the telephone company’s “central exchanges” instead of on the premises of a business
[C]It is typically used by large organizations such as universities and hospitals
[D]Only voice transmissions take place over such an exchange

11. In the OSI reference model, which of the following layers splits packets into data frames which are transmitted sequentially by the sender and for which, the receiver transmits the acknowledgements?
[A]The Physical Layer
[B]The Data Link Layer
[C]The Network Layer
[D]The Transport Layer

12. Which of the following build internetworks, in which networks using different topologies and protocols are interconnected?

13. Which of the following is a group of related data items of same data type that share a common name?

14. The output of the following program is
int a = 5;
printf(“%d\n”, ++a);
a = -1;

15. Which of the following is not true about a Linked List in C?
[A]Linked List is a list whose order is given by links from one item to the next
[B]Each structure of a Linked List is called a node
[C]Each node in a Linked List consists of two fields, one containing the item (value) and the other containing the address of the next item
[D]A Linked List is a collection of structures ordered by their physical placement in the memory

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