Monday, January 23, 2012

General Knowledge Quiz - 85

1. The world’s leading countries in FDI are
[A] India and China
[B] US and England
[C] India and US
[D] China and Japan

2. Who wrote the book “Selling the dream”?
[A] Steve Jobs
[B] Guy Kawasaki
[C] Shiv Khera
[D] Philip Goldberg

3. Who were the founders of the company Hewlett Packard (HP)?
[A] Dave Hewlett and Bill Packard
[B] Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard
[C] Jack Hewlett and Edwards Packard
[D] Edwards Hewlett and Jack Packard

4. “No part of the enemy’s body may be used as a souvenir” was said by
[A] General Kamikaze
[B] American Pacific fleet 1942
[C] Winston Churchill
[D] Stalin

5. “Project Bhasa” is related with
[A] Microsoft India
[B] Satyam
[C] Central Hindi Institute
[D] U.P. Govt.

6. Synecology is the study of
[A] Individuals
[B] Relation between plant & animal community
[C] Study of environment
[D] None

7. Which law is associated with the rise of balloon in air?
[A] Parkinson law
[B] Gravitational law
[C] Law of motion
[D] Archimedes law

8. India’s which leading IT services exporter acquired Citigroup’s captive business process outsourcing (BPO) arm Citigroup Global Services (CGSL) for $505 million?
[A] Wipro
[B] Infosys
[C] Tata Consultancy Services
[D] HCL Technologies

9. In man, the absence of a Y chromosome in a fertilized egg causes it to develop into
[A] Male
[B] Female
[C] Inter sex
[D] Dead chromosome

10. Which international brand had an ad campaign - 'Tomorrow is mine' and had signed Rahul Dravid for the campaign?
[A] Reebok
[B] Nike
[C] Adidas
[D] Puma

11. When a metallic wire is connected to a battery
[A] Current is taken to be flowing from negative terminal to positive terminal.
[B] Electrons flow from negative terminal to positive terminal.
[C] Electrons flow from positive terminal to negative terminal.
[D] Current is taken to be flowing from negative to negative and positive to positive terminal.

12. Kinetic energy is:
[A] Life energy, possessed only by living organisms
[B] Only important at subatomic distances
[C] Energy of movement
[D] A rare form of energy sometimes observed in deep space

13. India is a member of
(a) NATO
(b) WTO
(c) IAEA
[A] (b) and (c)
[B] (a) and (d)
[C] (a) and (b)
[D] (b), (c) and (d)

14. The base radius of a cylinder is 1 2/3 times its height. The cost of painting is CSA at 2 paise/cm2 is Rs. 92.40. The volume of liquid is
[A] 80850 cm3
[B] 80580 cm3
[C] 80508 cm3
[D] none

15. Durgapur steel plant was established in collaboration with
[A] U.K.
[C] W. Germany

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