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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Business Communications Quiz - 9

1. In which of the following stages, in-group decision making, the group members get to know each other?
[A]The conflict stage
[B]The reinforcement stage
[C]The orientation stage
[D]The emergence stage

2. Reports have been classified in numerous ways, accounting reports, marketing reports, financial reports etc. Such reports are termed as
[A]Formal reports
[B]Short reports
[C]Informational reports
[D]The proposal reports

3. When Managers depend on formal channels of communication, sometimes they risk encountering “distortion”. One way to minimize distortion is
[A]Including all relevant information that is true in every sense and is not deceptive in any way
[B]Keeping audience in mind at all times
[C]Exchanging messages with customers, vendors, distributors, competitors, investors, journalists, and govt. representatives
[D]Reducing the number of levels in the organization structure

4. An effective job search begins with careful career planning. Which of the following does not come in the career planning process?
[A]Self Analysis
[B]Career Analysis
[C]Job Analysis
[D]Company Analysis

5. The ability to communicate bad news demands skillful handling of the correspondence. A skillful manager will attempt to say “no” in which of the following ways?
[A]In a way that discourages the receiver from asking for a favor again
[B]In a way that makes him a favorite to the boss
[C]In a way that makes the receiver, as well as the others, think twice before writing a letter of request
[D]In a way that the reader supports the decision and is willing to continue the relationship

6. The term _____ refers to factors that interfere with the exchange of messages.

7. Which of the following is the phase in the communication process that allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your message?

8. Which of the following is not true of the formal communication network?
[A]The formal flow of information follows the official chain of command
[B]Formal communication channels are prone to information distortion or misunderstanding
[C]One way to reduce the distortion of information is to increase the number of levels in the organizational structure
[D]The formal communication network may cause information to become fragmented

9. Which of the following is not a form of Non-verbal communication?

10. Many people are poor listeners, because they are overly concerned with themselves. This concern, a barrier to listening is termed as
[A]Casual attitude

11. Which of the following does not communicate nonverbal messages?

12. Prejudgment is a barrier to listening. It usually occurs when listeners
[A]Shift their attention from the speaker to themselves
[B]Jump to a conclusion and ignore additional information
[C]Listen selectively
[D]Reacts after evaluating the speaker’s message

13. The process of creating meaning from one’s experience is called

14. Which of the following is not a recommended approach to manage a conflict?

15. What does kinesics mean?
[A]A study of the tone of voice, the loudness, rate of speech, etc.
[B]A study of how people use the physical space around them
[C]A study of body moments and facial expressions
[D]A study of how particular words have an impact on the receivers