Thursday, January 12, 2012

Business Communications Quiz - 15

1. A manager providing a job assignment to a subordinate is engaged in:
[A]A feedback barrier
[B]A noise barrier
[C]Downward communication
[D]Horizontal communication

2. During which stage of group development does the team choose a leader?

3. An oral presentation needs to be
[A]Simpler than a written message
[B]Neither more simpler nor more complex than a written message
[C]More complex than a written message
[D]More comprehensive than a written message

4. It is appropriate to make your ideas relevant to your audience by
[A]Linking what you have to say to the audience's experiences and interests
[B]Flattering or cajoling your audience
[C]Telling your audience only what it wants to hear
[D]Bragging about yourself

5. Of the following, the best way to begin a routine inquiry message is with
[A]A compliment
[B]Informational statement
[C]Goodwill comment
[D]A question

6. If your reply contains both good news and bad news, handle the bad news by
[A]Covering it thoroughly to be convincing
[B]Putting it at the end of the message
[C]Placing it in a position of little emphasis
[D]Putting it at the beginning or end of the middle paragraph

7. Which of the following is true regarding an adjustment-grant message?
[A]It is a good-news letter lending itself to direct treatment
[B]It must overcome a negative customer experience
[C]It needs to regain lost confidence in the company's product or service
[D]All of the above

8. Visual aids help communicate the subject matter clearly and attractively. In this light, which of the following visual aids is helpful in presenting time relationships?
[A]Pie charts
[B]Bar charts
[C]Line charts
[D]Gantt charts

9. What is crucial to convince your audience that the decision that produced the bad news is fair and logical?
[B]A buffer
[C]A positive and friendly closing
[D]Well-presented reasons

10. When deciding whether to accept a job opportunity or not, the __________ choice is often helpful.

11. After an oral presentation, during the questions and answer period one should not ______.
[A]Emphasize your important points
[B]Keep your answers long and general
[C]Refer to the material that did not fit into the presentation
[D]Overcome audience resistance

12. When asking questions in a request message
[A]Begin with the least important question and work your way up to the most important
[B]Avoid any open-ended questions
[C]Avoid asking for information that you can find on your own
[D]Recount the history of your association with the reader

13. When you list your experience in a chronological format which of the following is true
[A]Omit summer, or temporary, jobs.
[B]Omit work-study jobs.
[C]List all jobs in reverse chronological order.
[D]List all jobs in chronological order.

14. In which of the following group decision techniques, the group must rank a set of options. Members individually list all options that can be considered then group facilitator asks each member to rank all the options from the lowest to the highest priority.
[A]Reflective thinking
[C]Nominal group technique
[D]Both (a) and (b)

15. A multi-range bar chart is useful for expressing data that _______ over time.
[C]Turn over

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