Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 61

1. Exhaustive
[A]Flimsy; Unsubstantial
[B]Thorough; Comprehensive
[D]Lizard That Changes Color In Different Situations

2. Exonerate
[A]Build; Lie
[C]Collector And Disposer Of Refuse; Animal That Devours Refuse And Carrion
[D]Acquit; Exculpate

3. Expiate
[A]Profane; Violate The Sanctity Of
[B]Pretense(Of Strength); Deception; High Cliff
[D]Make Amends For (A Sin)

4. Expunge
[A]Pass Into Or Through; Penetrate (An Organization) Sneakily
[B]Equality; Close Resemblance
[C]Cancel; Remove
[D]Bitterness; Hatred

5. Extol
[A]Pride; Arrogance
[B]Praise; Glorify
[C]Father And Ruler Of A Family Or Tribe
[D]Like A Bull

6. Exult
[A]Complete; Totally Unlimited; Certain

7. Facile
[C]Agreeable; Pleasing To The Taste
[D]Easy; Expert

8. Fancied
[B]Undeveloped; Rudimentary
[C]Affecting The Sense Of Taste
[D]Imagined; Unreal

9. Farce
[A]Firm Grasp Or Footing
[B]Wrong; Faulty
[D]Broad Comedy; Mockery

10. Fauna
[A]Woman Who Rules A Family Or Larger Social Group
[B]Animals Of Period Or Region
[C]Witty Saying; Facetious Remark
[D]False Testimony While Under Oath

11. Ferment
[A]Periodic; On And Off
[B]Agitation; Commotion
[C]Ghost; Phantom Of A Living Person
[D]Pertaining To The Brain Or Intellect

12. Fester
[A]Make Numb; Stun; Amaze
[B]Burning; Sarcastically Biting
[C]Witty Thought Or Saying, Usually Short
[D]Generate Pus

13. Figment
[A]Fret; Complain
[B]Excessively Gasping; Plundering
[C]Invention; Imaginary Thing
[D]Peaceful; Calm

14. Finale
[A]Ability; Capacity
[C]Make Numb; Stun; Amaze
[D]Shrivel; Decay

15. Fissure
[C]Procession; Parade
[D]Sheer; Transparent

16. Fleck
[A]Song Of Lamentation; Dirge
[C]Situated Beyond; Unstated

17. Flinch
[A]Stubborn Maintenance Of A Wrong Cause
[B]Indirect Or Roundabout Expression
[C]Hesitate; Shrink
[D]Bored With Pleasure Or Dissipation

18. Fluency
[B]Smoothness Of Speech
[C]Stately; Stout
[D]Unsatisfied; Not Soothed

19. Fodder
[B]Coarse Food For Cattle, Horses, Etc.
[C]Agreeable; Gracious; Engaging
[D]Unable To Compromise About Points Of Doctrine; Dogmatic; Unyielding

20. Foment
[A]Pretense Of Ignorance Of Something Wrong; Assistance; Permission To Offend
[B]Shrink Back; Flinch
[C]Gloomy; Depressing
[D]Stir Up; Instigate

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