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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

General Knowledge Quiz - 56

1. As per the global strategic alliance that took place in 2009, between Fiat and Chrysler, Fiat will acquire ____stake in Chrysler.

2. Tata Communications picked up _______additional stake in the South Africa based fixed line operator Neotel, in 2009.

3. Sangam Direct is the name of the online grocery supermarket service that was owned by ..
[A]ITC Ltd.
[B]HUL Ltd.
[C]Shopper’s Stop
[D]None of these

4. Kinley is a water brand of …
[B]Coca Cola
[D]None of these

5. Who is the chairman of Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC)?
[A]Pramod Deo
[C]S.K. Roongta

6. Where would you find the headquarter of World’s largest mobile telecome network company in terms of revenue, Vodafone Plc.
[B]U. K.

7. ‘Sense and Simplicity’, is the punch line of ...

8. Vijaypat Singhania is the chairman emeritus of ...
[A]Bombay Dyeing
[B]Raymonds Ltd.
[C]Madura Garments
[D]Arvind Mills

9. VH1 is the name of the international music and lifestyle channel that belongs to the stable of ...

10. As per a survey published by Business India Magazine which of the following Indian Banks is adjudged as the best bank in 2009?
[B]Axis Bank
[D]Bank of Baroda

11. LG, an electronics giant, hails from…
[D]South Korea

12. Aegis is the BPO company that belongs to the stable of …
[A]Infosys Technologies
[B]Essar Group
[C]A.V. Birla Group
[D]General Electric

13. Where would you find the headquarters of BSNL?
[C]New Delhi

14. The present governor of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is ...
[A]Rakesh Mohan
[B]Usha Thorat
[C]D. Subbarao
[D]Bimal Jalan

15. Taknobu Ito is the newly appointed President and CEO of ….
[A]Hyundai Motor Company
[B]Honda Motor Company
[C]Toyota Motor Company
[D]Mitsubishi Motor Company