Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 60

1. Eclectic
[A]Combine, Unite In One Body
[B]Selective In Choosing From A Variety Of Sources
[C]Clumsy Person
[D]To Direct Speech To; Deal With Or Discuss

2. Effervescent
[A]Fit Of Petulance; Caprice
[B]Measure Of Temperature Used Widely In Europe
[C]Furnisher Of Foodstuffs; Caterer
[D]Exuberant; Bubbly And Excited

3. Effluvium
[A]Operate With Hands
[B]Plainly Expressed
[C]Noxious Smell
[D]Enthusiastic Follower

4. Elegiacal
[A]Denial Of Traditional Values; Absolute Skepticism
[B]Pour Off Gently
[C]Like In Elegy; Mournful
[D]Token Of Disgrace; Brand

5. Eloquence
[A]Tax Of One-Tenth
[B]Verify; Support
[C]Bugbear; Object Of Baseless Terror
[D]Expressiveness; Persuasive Speech

6. Emanate
[A]Phrase Dulled In Meaning By Repetition
[B]Coolness In A Trying Situation
[C]Obscure; Puzzling
[D]Issue Forth

7. Emendation
[A]Beginning; In An Early Stage
[B]Seriousness; Gravity
[C]Correction Of Errors; Improvement
[D]Inharmonious; Conflicting

8. Empirical
[A]Poor Verse
[B]Throw Into Confusion; Involve In Strife; Entangle
[C]Based On Experience

9. Endorse
[A]Person Belonging To The Same Period
[B]Approve; Support
[C]Oppose With Arguments; Contradict

10. Enfranchise
[A]Small Opening; Outlet
[B]To Admit To The Rights Of Citizenship (Especially The Right To Vote)
[C]Lying On Back
[D]Essentially; Inherently; Naturally

11. Enigma
[A]Supply; Allotted Demand; Assigned Portion Of Work
[B]Shrink Back, As If In Fear
[D]Hesitate; Shrink

12. Entity
[A]Make Impure By Mixing With Baser Substances
[B]Real Being
[C]Variety; Dissimilitude
[D]Secret Recess Or Vault, Usually Used For Burial

13. Entrepreneur
[A]One Who Is Introspective; Inclined To Think More About Oneself
[C]Businessman; Contractor
[D]Restore To Proper Condition

14. Episodic
[A]Able To See Differences; Prejudiced
[B]Suggestive; Implying
[D]Loosely Connected

15. Equable
[C]Tranquil; Steady; Uniform
[D]Make Void

16. Erudite
[A]Fern Leaf; Palm Or Banana Leaf
[B]Learned; Scholarly
[C]Suitable; Practical; Politic
[D]Blessedness; State Of Bliss

17. Espouse
[A]Agent Which Brings About A Chemical Change While It Remains Unaffected And Unchanged
[B]Record Of Descent; Lineage
[C]State Of Apathy; Daze; Lack Of Awareness
[D]Adopt; Support

18. Euphoria
[B]Like A Bull
[D]Feeling Of Great Happiness And Well-Being (Sometimes Exaggerated)

19. Evoke
[A]Indifference; Lack Of Interest
[B]Call Forth
[C]Settle Comfortably
[D]Banish To The Country; Dwell In The Country

20. Exchequer
[A]Suspended Action
[B]Deviate; Turn Aside Sharply
[C]Circular Building Or Hall Covered With A Dome

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