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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 54

1. Affidavit
[A]Charlatan; Boastful Pretender
[C]Written Statement Made Under Oath
[D]Breaking Up; Downfall

2. Affray
[A]Bugbear; Object Of Baseless Terror
[B]Commonplace; Dull
[C]Public Brawl
[D]Condemn; Criticize

3. Agrarian
[A]Amends; Compensation
[B]Throw Overboard
[C]Pertaining To Land Or Its Cultivation
[D]Withdrawal; Retreat

4. Alienate
[A]Rude; Clownish
[B]Make Hostile; Separate
[C]Adherence To Established Rules Or Procedures
[D]Appearance; Costume

5. Allegory
[B]Rebel; Nonconformist
[C]Story In Which Characters Are Used As Symbols
[D]Female Fox; Ill-Tempered Woman

6. Altercation
[A]Cancel; Remove
[B]Wordy Quarrel
[C]Adjust To Climate
[D]Slavishly Attentive; Servile; Sycophantic

7. Ambidextrous
[A]Pretend; Conceal By Feigning
[B]Study Of Prehistoric Life
[C]Recent Convert; Beginner
[D]Capable Of Using Either Hand With Equal Ease

8. Amenities
[A]Beastlike; Brutal
[B]Convenient Features; Courtesies
[C]Lacking Self-Restraint; Licentious
[D]Charmingly Carefree; Simple

9. Amnesia
[A]Pertaining To Marriage Or The Matrimonial State
[B]Emancipate; Free From Bondage
[D]Loss Of Memory

10. Amphibian
[A]Distorted; Crooked
[B]Able To Live Both On Land And In Water
[C]Sternness; Severity; Lack Of Luxuries

11. Analogy
[A]Vehicle; Transfer
[B]Unrefined; Coarse
[C]Similarity; Parallelism
[D]An Injury To Body

12. Ancillary
[A]Humiliate; Punish To The Flesh
[B]Scandinavian Myth; Any Legend
[C]Serving As An Aid Or Accessory, Auxiliary

13. Annihilate
[A]Good-Natured; Merry
[B]In Buddhist Teachings, The Ideal State In Which The Individual Loses Himself In The Attainment Of Impersonal Beatitude
[D]Having The Odor Of A Musk

14. Anomaly
[A]Lassitude; Depression
[C]Causing Plague; Baneful
[D]Prevailing Style

15. Antecedents
[A]Moved By Sexual Love; Loving
[B]Preceding Events Or Circumstances That Influence What Comes Later; Early Life; Ancestors
[C]Engrossed In Matters Of This Earth; Not Spiritual
[D]Checking Perpendicularly; Vertical

16. Apathy
[A]Expel; Drive Out
[B]Agent; Messenger
[C]Lack Of Caring; Indifference
[D]Mouthlike Opening; Small Opening

17. Aphorism
[A]Unable To Be Restrained Or Held Back
[B]Pithy Maxim
[C]Well-Bred; Elegant
[D]Work Against

18. Appall
[A]Spur; Motive
[B]Verify; Support
[C]Dismay; Shock

19. Application
[A]Court Of Justice
[B]Diligent Attention
[C]Exuberant; Bubbly And Excited
[D]Victim; Object Of A Hunt

20. Apprehension
[A]Brief And To The Point
[C]Lay Eggs
[D]Speak Evil Of; Defame