Thursday, December 15, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 53

1. Volition
[A]Teasing Conversation
[B]Act Of Making A Conscious Choice
[C]Move Heavily Or Clumsily
[D]Sudden Violent Change Of Feeling; Reaction

2. Vulpine
[A]Foretelling; Mysterious
[C]Like A Fox; Crafty
[D]Rapidly And Efficiently

3. Wan
[A]Belief That Pleasure Is The Sole Aim Of Life
[B]Obscure; Profound; Difficult To Understand
[C]Summary; Concise Abstract
[D]Having A Pale Or Sickly Color; Pallid

4. Warren
[A]Comprehend; Investigate
[B]Spread Throughout; Permeating
[C]Maker And Seller Of Eyeglasses
[D]Tunnels In Which Rabbits Live; Crowded Conditions In Which People Live

5. Welt
[B]Mark From A Beating Or Whipping
[C]Suffering From Ingestion; Irritable
[D]Model; Example; Pattern

6. Whorl
[A]Having A Show Of Truth But Open To Doubt
[B]Stir Up; Instigate
[C]Rotting Flesh Of A Dead Body
[D]Ring Of Leaves Around Stem; Ring

7. Wispy
[A]Digressing; Rambling
[C]Curry Favor; Act In An Obsequious Way
[D]Thin; Slight; Barely Discernible

8. Wont
[A]Unlikely; Unbelievable
[B]Scold; Rant
[C]Unmanageable; Fretting Under Control
[D]Custom, Habitual Procedure

9. Yield
[A]Nominal Holding Of Title Without Obligations
[C]Startling Twist; Caprice
[D]Amount Produced; Crop; Income On Investment

10. Ablution
[A]Habitually Silent; Talking Little
[C]Bend The Knee As In Worship
[D]Attacking Cherished Traditions

11. Absolute
[A]Respect; Value; Judge
[B]Dry Up
[C]Complete; Totally Unlimited; Certain

12. Abstract
[C]Supporter, Follower
[D]Theoretical; Not Concrete; Nonrepresentational

13. Acclimate
[A]Any Ulcerous Sore; Any Evil
[B]Very Large Number
[C]Adjust To Climate
[D]Father And Ruler Of A Family Or Tribe

14. Accord
[C]Point Directly Overhead In The Sky; Summit
[D]Praise; Glorify

15. Acerbity
[A]A Word Or Phrase Characteristically Used To Describe A Person Or Thing
[B]Bitterness Of Speech And Temper
[C]Be Suited To, Be Incumbent Upon
[D]Excessive Zeal

16. Actuarial
[C]Formal Systematic Inquiry; An Explanation Of The Results Of A Formal Inquiry
[D]Calculating, Pertaining To Insurance Statistics

17. Adage
[B]Wise Saying; Proverb
[C]Particular Variety Of Art And Culture
[D]Put Forth For Analysis

18. Adjunct
[A]To Annoy By Repeated Attacks
[B]Something Attached To But Holding And Inferior Position
[C]To Equip

19. Adroit
[A]Spasmodic; Intermittent
[B]Varied; Greatly Diversified
[C]Examination Of Accounts

20. Adventitious
[A]Quench; Sate
[B]Person Dissatisfied With Existing State Of Affairs
[C]Accidental; Casual
[D]Tender Sorrow; Pity; Quality In Art Or Literature That Produces These Feelings

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