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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 49

1. Rehabilitate
[A]Bully; Intimidate
[B]Restore To Proper Condition
[D]Pertaining To Effective Communication; Insincere Language

2. Relish
[A]Belief That Life Is Basically Bad And Evil; Gloominess
[B]Savor; Enjoy
[C]Tax Levied By A Ruler; Mark Of Respect
[D]Complete Agreement

3. Remorse
[A]Similarly Timed; Simultaneous With
[C]Guilt; Self-Reproach
[D]Very Destructive

4. Renege
[A]Study Of Artifacts And Relics Of Early Mankind
[C]Face; Appearance
[D]Deny; Go Back On

5. Repellent
[A]Mentally Quick And Observant; Having Insight
[B]Driving Away; Unattractive
[C]Worn Out Of Age
[D]Distinguishable; Perceivable

6. Replicate
[A]Ornate; Highly Decorated
[B]Porous; Allowing Passage Through
[C]Reproduce; Duplicate
[D]Mild Expression In Place Of An Unpleasant One

7. Reproach
[A]Repayment In Kind (Usually For Bad Treatment)
[D]Blame; Censure

8. Requiem
[A]Like A Lion
[B]Mass For The Dead; Dirge
[C]Unresisting; Patiently Submissive
[D]Stealthy; Sneaky

9. Resilient
[A]Of The Same Kind
[B]Origin Or Source Of Something
[C]Denial; Disclaiming
[D]Elastic; Having The Power Of Springing Back

10. Restitution
[B]Young Woman Making Formal Entrance In Society
[C]Reparation; Indemnification
[D]To Direct Speech To; Deal With Or Discuss

11. Reticence
[A]Worsen; Diminish In Value
[B]Lover Of Mankind; Doer Of Good
[C]Surmise; Guess
[D]Reserve; Uncommunicativeness; Inclination To Be Silent

12. Retrieve
[B]Recover; Find And Bring In
[C]Pertaining To Cultivation Of Gardens
[D]Boastful; Pompous

13. Rider
[A]Record Of Descent; Lineage
[B]Renounce; Abandon
[C]Written Statement Made Under Oath
[D]Amendment Or Clause Added To A Legislative Bill

14. Robust
[A]A Person Concerned With The Interrelationship Between Living Organisms And Their Environment
[B]Plunder; Despoil
[C]Vigorous; Strong
[D]Operate With Hands

15. Rotunda
[A]Easy; Expert
[B]Wiggle Out; Fake
[C]Circular Building Or Hall Covered With A Dome
[D]Edge, Especially Of A Round Surface

16. Ruffian
[A]Prudent; Cautious
[B]Bully; Scoundrel
[D]Gather; Assemble

17. Saccharine
[A]Courting Behavior By Cringing And Flattering
[B]Cloyingly Sweet
[C]Strict Disciplinarian
[D]State Without Proof

18. Saline
[A]Headlong; Rash
[B]Provisional; Experimental
[C]Declare Openly

19. Sangfroid
[A]Stuff Oneself
[B]Join; Unite
[C]Coolness In A Trying Situation
[D]Discourage; Cause To Lose Courage Or Hope

20. Sate
[A]Teacher Of Philosophy; Quibbler; Employer Of Fallacious Reasoning
[B]Stupid Person
[C]Satisfy To The Full; Cloy