Thursday, December 8, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 48

1. Protocol
[A]Drink In
[C]Diplomatic Etiquette
[D]Cowardly; Fainthearted

2. Provincial
[A]Article Treating A Subject Systematically And Thoroughly
[B]Exhibiting Rainbowlike Colors
[C]Pertaining To A Province; Limited
[D]Suitable; Practical; Politic

3. Prudent
[A]Harm Someone'S Reputation; Malign
[B]Minor Fight
[C]Suggestive; Implying
[D]Cautious; Careful

4. Pulmonary
[A]Pride; Arrogance
[B]Incompatible; Not Able To Be Resolved
[C]Pertaining To The Lungs
[D]Trinket; Trifle

5. Puny
[A]Support; Prop Up
[C]Insignificant; Tiny; Weak
[D]Lover Of Mankind; Doer Of Good

6. Purview
[A]Extreme Poverty
[B]Advise Against
[D]Spread Throughout; Permeating

7. Quaff
[A]Lean And Angular; Barren
[C]Curving Outward
[D]Drink With Relish

8. Quarantine
[A]Harass; Trouble
[B]Isolation Of Person Or Ship To Prevent Spread Of Infection
[C]Pertaining To Outer Space
[D]Powerful; Persuasive; Greatly Influential

9. Queue
[A]Bundle Of Stalks Of Grain; Any Bundle Of Things Tied Together
[D]Understood; Not Put Into Words

10. Quixotic
[A]Deceive; Delude
[B]Idealistic But Impractical
[D]Country Bumpkin

11. Raiment
[A]Yielding; Timid
[B]Practical Person
[D]Viscous Assault

12. Rampart
[A]Broad-Bladed Instrument Used For Spreading Or Mixing
[B]Front Of The Building
[C]Defensive Mound Of Earth
[D]Rickety; Falling Apart

13. Rapprochement
[A]Disapproval; Condemnation
[C]Move Troops So That The Battle Line Is Extended At The Expense Of Depth

14. Raucous
[A]Headlong; Rash
[C]Harsh And Shrill
[D]Unable To Be Restrained Or Held Back

15. Rebuff
[B]Destruction By Fire
[C]Snub; Beat Back
[D]Tear Out

16. Recidivism
[A]Viscous Assault
[B]Habitual Return To Crime
[C]Stroll Slowly
[D]Correct; Change, Generally For The Better

17. Reconnaissance
[A]Understood But Not Stated
[B]Heavy Substance Used To Add Stability Or Weight
[C]Survey Of Enemy By Soldiers;
[D]Calm; Impartial

18. Recumbent
[A]Similarly Timed; Simultaneous With
[B]Reclining; Lying Down Completely Or In Part
[C]Resembling A Horse

19. Reek
[A]Petty Details
[B]Emit (Odor)
[C]Board On Which Painter Mixes Pigments
[D]State Of Apathy; Daze; Lack Of Awareness

20. Regal
[A]Incipient; Coming Into Being
[C]Learned Hindu; Any Learned Man; Authority On A Subject
[D]Deceit; Duplicity

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