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Monday, December 26, 2011

Management Quiz - 6

1. The quality of managers’ decisions is the yardstick of their effectiveness and of their value to the organization. Piyush, the new Operations Manager of Phoenix Motors Ltd., has the knack of offering quick-fix solutions to all the problems that arise in his department without regard to their long-term implications. Which of the following decision-making models is Piyush said to be following?
[A]Rational model
[B]Incremental model
[C]Satisficing model
[D]Garbage can

2. Blake and Mouton’s Managerial Grid is an approach to defining leadership styles based on a manager’s concern for people and concern for production. Managerial grid is a useful device to a manager for identifying and classifying managerial styles. It helps him/her understand why he/she gets the reaction he/she does from his/her subordinates. Which of the following styles of management assumes exertion of minimum effort is required to get work done and sustain organizational morale?
[A]Authority-obedience management
[B]Team management
[C]Country Club management
[D]Impoverished management

3. Selection tests normally supplement the information provided in the application forms. They have different objectives and measure different attributes. Arun, a candidate for the position of Sales Representative in Elder Pharmaceuticals, was asked to make a presentation on a new anti-asthma inhaler before a panel of physicians in the company, as part of the selection process. Which of the following tests was Arun undergoing?
[A]Knowledge test
[B]Work sample test
[C]Intelligence test
[D]Personality test

4. While growth through expansion of same line of business forces a small organization to organize on a functional basis, growth through geographic and product diversification necessitates the adoption of divisional structure. Divisional organization structure takes three forms: product division, geographic division and customer division. Which of the following is an advantage of a product divisional structure?
[A]It addresses the special and widely varied needs of customers for clearly defined services
[B]It encourages the development of expertise in functional areas
[C]It facilitates comparison of the performance of various product lines.
[D]It brings about order and clarity to the activities of the organization

5. Authority has three characteristics. What are they?
[A]Authority is vested in organizational positions, not people; authority is accepted by subordinates; authority flows down.
[B]Authority is not vested in organizational positions, but in people; authority is accepted by subordinates; authority flows down the vertical hierarchy.
[C]Authority is vested in organizational positions, not people; authority is not accepted by subordinates; authority flows down the vertical hierarchy.
[D]Authority is vested in organizational positions, not people; authority is accepted by subordinates; authority flows down the horizontal hierarchy.

6. Perception depends on three factors: the perceiver, the perceived, and the situation. Which of the following occurs when our general impression of a person, usually based on one prominent characteristic, colors our perception of other characteristics of that person?
[A]Halo error
[B]Self-serving bias
[C]Selective attention
[D]Projection bias

7. Runway Robotics Corporation has three planning specialists who help division managers develop their own division plans. Serving as consultants to the divisions, the planning specialists give advice about strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Runway Robotics Corporation is utilizing what approach to the planning function?
[A]Centralized planning department
[B]Decentralized planning staff
[C]Planning task force
[D]Centralized planning committee

8. Various decision-making techniques are used in various situations. Which of the following decisionmaking techniques involves a group of people brought together to generate as many novel ideas as possible on a given topic without evaluating them?
[A]Nominal groups
[B]Interacting groups
[C]Delphi groups

9. Pauline is a manager at Mildtek Corporation. Her job is very complex and she feels that she does not have enough time to identify and/or process all the information she needs to make decisions. Pauline’s situation is most consistent with which of the following concepts?
[A]Bounded rationality
[B]The classical model of decision making

10. Pranav is a manager at Paragon Chemical Corporation, who has highly mature subordinates. Hersey and Blanchard’s situational leadership theory suggests that the leadership style should be commensurate with the subordinates’ level of maturity, which in turn depends on their ability and willingness to do a particular job. Which of the following leadership styles is best for Pranav?

11. Control may be of different types and these can be classified on the basis of the elements to be controlled and the stage at which control can be exercised .Vibgyor Electronics Ltd. sends a postpurchase questionnaire to all consumers who buy their products. They are interested in gathering data on product quality, customer service orientation, and customer satisfaction. This is an example of
[A]Concurrent control
[B]Feedback control
[C]Feedforward control
[D]Preliminary control

12. Four months ago, Taylor Construction needed three employees to rebuild the electrical boxes for their customers due to the various tasks involved. After successfully retraining the employees, a single employee can now handle all facets of this job. This is an example of
[A]Job enlargement
[B]Job rotation
[C]Shoddy workmanship
[D]Job enrichment

13. Mark's Embroidery produces custom-made embroidery products. One department sells to retail customers, another department sells to catalog customers, and a third department sells only to college bookstores. Mark's Embroidery is departmentalized by
[C]Geographical location

14. Various techniques can be used to overcome resistance to change in an organization. Jaydeep,production manager in Praxis Tools Ltd., has warned his employees that they must vote against unionization in order to be assured of continued employment. What technique is Jaydeep using to resist change?

15. A decision support system (DSS) is an interactive computer system used to plan and make decisions. Which of the following is not true with regard to Decision Support System (DSS)?
[A]Executive decisions are the focal points in DSS
[B]DSS specializes in easy-to-use software
[C]DSS employs interactive processing
[D]The control and use of DSS rests with the central information management department