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Monday, December 26, 2011

Business Communications Quiz - 3

1. Identify the core statement from the following
I. Petrol consumption is increasing in all parts of India.
II. It is increasing in the North.
III. Bihar is experiencing a sharp increase.
[A]Only (I) above
[B]Only (II) above
[C]Only (III) above
[D]Both (I) and (II) above

2. When Managers depend on formal channels of communication, sometimes they risk encountering “distortion”. One way to minimize distortion is
[A]Including all relevant information that is true in every sense and is not deceptive in any way
[B]Reducing the number of levels in the organization structure
[C]Keeping audience in mind at all times
[D]Exchanging messages with customers, vendors, distributors, competitors, investors, journalists, and govt. representatives

3. In which of the following types of Resumes are the skills, accomplishments, employment given in the first section and academic experience in subordinate sections?
[A]Chronological Resume
[B]Technical Resume
[C]Functional Resume
[D]Combination of chronological & functional resume

4. Identify the sentence(s) that is/are grammatically correct and conveys the meaning clearly.
[A]The first ice cream, eaten in China in about 2000 BC, was more lumpy than the modern era
[B]The first ice cream, eaten in China in about 2000 BC, was more lumpy than the ice cream in the modern era
[C]The first ice cream, eaten in China in about 2000 BC, was more lumpy than that in the modern era
[D]Both (b) and (c) above

5. Whatever the type of letter one is writing, it is always advisable to plan the letter keeping the fundamentals of letter writing in mind. What are the fundamentals?
[A]Knowledge of the subject, audience, and purpose
[B]Knowledge of the subject, distance it has to travel, and purpose
[C]Knowledge of the subject, type of benefits expected from the letter, distance it has to travel
[D]Purpose of the letter, distance it has to travel, and capacity of the audience

6. There are three types of meetings which are usually conducted. Which of the following meetings is focused on arriving at a decision and is conducted to change existing procedures, to adopt a new system and sometimes, to generate new ideas?
[A]Change-facilitating meetings
[B]Problem solving meetings
[C]Informational meetings
[D]Extraordinary meetings

7. Many elements are to be included while writing a report. Which of the following elements contains a brief technical summary?
[A]Letter of transmittal
[B]Table of contents
[D]Executive summary

8. In which of the following approaches to conflict, competing is advisable?
[A]When you perceive that you have no chance of satisfying your concerns
[B]When two parties with equal power are committed to mutually exclusive goals
[C]A long-term relationship between the parties is important
[D]When you have to protect yourself against those who would take advantage of a more cooperative approach

9. The seating arrangements in a meeting can have a bearing on the final outcome of the meeting. Studies have shown that people react in certain predictable ways to certain physical surroundings. Which of the following types is suitable for large groups that are meeting to obtain information?
[A]The banquet style
[B]Theatre style
[C]Participative style
[D]Equalizing style

10. Which of the following is generally a brief, accurate record of the business transacted at the previous meeting?

11. Where is the signature block in the commercial letter placed?
[A]Double space below the body
[B]Double space below the salutation
[C]Four spaces below the complimentary close
[D]Double space below the inside address

12. To physically transmit a message, you select a communication channel. The channel is a means to convey the message. When is it advisable to use an oral channel?
[A]When feedback is not immediately needed
[B]When it is necessary to convey a large amount of data
[C]When immediate feedback is necessary
[D]When the sender shares a comfortable relationship with the receiver

13. When a letter is written for something, to which the writer thinks he/she is entitled, the letter is called as a claim letter. A response to the claim letter is termed as
[A]Good news letter
[B]Routine letter
[C]Adjustment letter
[D]Commercial letter

14. The three letter formats that are usually used are the block, the modified block and the
[A]Simplified block
[B]Split block
[C]Half block
[D]Revised block

15. An effective job search begins with careful career planning. Which of the following does not come in the career planning process?
[A]Self Analysis
[B]Career Analysis
[C]Job Analysis
[D]Company Analysis